Top 10 similar words or synonyms for thiozymogenes

desulfocapsa    0.919768

desulforhopalus    0.907353

desulfofustis    0.904754

desulfocella    0.899823

desulfobotulus    0.882631

desulfobacca    0.881510

dethiosulfovibrio    0.876912

suffexigens    0.875906

desulfohalobium    0.875181

thiobaca    0.874734

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for thiozymogenes

Article Example
Desulfocapsa thiozymogenes Desulfocapsa thiozymogenes is an anaerobic, gram-negative bacterium. It disproportionates elemental sulfur. It is the type species of its genus.
Microbial metabolism Many sulfate reducers are organotrophic, using carbon compounds such as lactate and pyruvate (among many others) as electron donors, while others are lithotrophic, using hydrogen gas () as an electron donor. Some unusual autotrophic sulfate-reducing bacteria (e.g. "Desulfotignum phosphitoxidans") can use phosphite () as an electron donor whereas others (e.g. "Desulfovibrio sulfodismutans", "Desulfocapsa thiozymogenes", "Desulfocapsa sulfoexigens") are capable of sulfur disproportionation (splitting one compound into two different compounds, in this case an electron donor and an electron acceptor) using elemental sulfur (S), sulfite (), and thiosulfate () to produce both hydrogen sulfide () and sulfate ().