Top 10 similar words or synonyms for thioquinolobactin

protcatechuate    0.911339

arylformamidase    0.681970

arylamidase    0.652325

transsuccinylase    0.637959

sulfhydrylase    0.622460

argj    0.620278

acylase    0.619756

methicilin    0.618761

cloxacilanase    0.617272

dihydrodipicolinate    0.617132

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for thioquinolobactin

Article Example
Pseudomonas Other characteristics that tend to be associated with "Pseudomonas" species (with some exceptions) include secretion of pyoverdine, a fluorescent yellow-green siderophore under iron-limiting conditions. Certain "Pseudomonas" species may also produce additional types of siderophore, such as pyocyanin by "Pseudomonas aeruginosa" and thioquinolobactin by "Pseudomonas fluorescens". "Pseudomonas" species also typically give a positive result to the oxidase test, the absence of gas formation from glucose, glucose is oxidised in oxidation/fermentation test using Hugh and Leifson O/F test, beta hemolytic (on blood agar), indole negative, methyl red negative, Voges–Proskauer test negative, and citrate positive.