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intotake    0.564005

memorylow    0.443923

semilogrithmic    0.414425

normaldiarrhea    0.413784

materialscutting    0.411092

indexmodulationcode    0.408143

isfreshness    0.398346

additiveconc    0.397342

informationdensity    0.397128

conditionflow    0.388657

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Article Example
Automatic content recognition Acoustic fingerprinting generates unique fingerprints from the content itself. Fingerprinting techniques work regardless of content format, codec, bitrate and compression techniques. This makes it possible to use across networks and channels. Therefore, it is widely used for interactive TV, second screen application and content monitoring sectors. Popular apps like Shazam, YouTube, Facebook, Thetake, Wechat and Weibo are using audio fingerprinting methodology to recognize the contented played from a TV and trigger additional features like votes, lottery, topic or purchase.