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Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 11th Earl of Shaftesbury Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 11th Earl of Shaftesbury Bt (24 June 1977 – 15 May 2005) was the eldest son of Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 10th Earl of Shaftesbury by his second marriage to the Swedish-born Christina Eva Montan. He became the 11th Earl of Shaftesbury (retroactively) in 2004, as a result of the discovery of his father's body in 2005 at the bottom of a ravine in Theoule-sur-Mer, on the outskirts of Cannes in the south of France.
USS W. S. Sims (FF-1059) On 8 May 1972, the ship joined in a combined naval exercise, Operation "Dawn Patrol", with British, French, and Italian warships. After visiting Sfax, Tunisia, "W. S. Sims" conducted special surveillance operations on Soviet submarines from 23 May to 10 June. The ship then participated in Operation "Good Friendship" with the Turkish Navy and a second Operation "Quick Draw" with the Italian Navy. During August, the crew enjoyed leave at Sanremo, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; and Theoule, France. When relieved "W. S. Sims" late that month, the latter headed home and returned to Mayport on 5 September.
USS Tattnall (DDG-19) Following missile firings and gunnery practice in the San Juan operating area, "Tattnall" departed the western Atlantic on 7 December for her first deployment to the Mediterranean Sea. On 14 December, she reached the Straits of Gibraltar and became a unit of the 6th Fleet. While in the Mediterranean, she visited Tunis, Tunisia in northern Africa; Genoa, and Naples in Italy; Marseilles and Theoule in France; and Barcelona in Spain. She also participated in several exercises with other units of the 6th Fleet and with ships of foreign navies. On 4 March 1965, she retransited the Straits of Gibraltar and headed back toward the United States.
USS Arthur W. Radford "Arthur W. Radford" cleared Norfolk on 13 March 1979, bound for the Mediterranean and a tour with the U.S. 6th Fleet. Over the next six months, she participated in a variety of exercises and visited the ports of Catania, Sicily; Split, Yugoslavia; Trieste, Italy; Alexandria, Egypt; Cannes, France, Palma, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Toulon, France, Théoule, France, Rota, Spain and Valencia, Spain. During the eployment, the vessel fired her first Harpoon missile in the Mediterranean on 28 July. Her target was the hulk of a destroyer, ex- (later the Turkish TCG "Gaziantep" (D-344)). "Arthur W. Radford" also participated in Exercise "Multiplex 1-79" in the Ionian Sea, Exercise "Dawn Patrol" in the Tyrrhenian Sea and Ionian Seas, Exercise "Tridente" out of Alexandria, and Exercise "National Week" XXVII, Phases 1 and 2. While en route from Toulon to Theoule, France, she rescued the French ketch, "Laurca", adrift from the French resort of St. Tropez.
USS Aylwin (FF-1081) The "Aylwin" started 1987 home ported in Charleston, SC. Upon completion of the overhaul in June 1988, Aylwin steamed north to her new homeport of Newport, Rhode Island. Settled in Newport, Aylwin began a series of exercises and intensive training to help her prepare for an upcoming deployment. She spent eight weeks on a shakedown cruise in Guantanamo bay, Cuba going through refresher training before participating in US law enforcement operations with the US Coast Guard in November 1988. On 31 May 1989, Aylwin started her eighth major deployment and participated in eastern Mediterranean contingency operations in support of national objectives. Port visits to Cartagena, Spain; Alicante, Spain; Theoule-sur-Mer, France; Marseille, France; Naples, Italy; and Haifa, Israel. During this period Aylwin was nominated for the navy expeditionary medal. She returned to Newport, on 10 November 1989. In January 1990 USS Aylwin arrived in Boston for a four-month repair period. After five weeks of refresher training and law enforcement operations, Aylwin was ready for her ninth and final deployment. On 1 July 1991, Aylwin departed for UNITAS XXXII under the command of USCOMSOLANT circumnavigating the South American continent. While traveling throughout South America, Aylwin visited nine countries, crossed the equator and transited the straights of Magellan. Aylwin returned home to Newport on 13 December 1991.