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Article Example
TEXT The record came out on Demonbox Recordings in Sweden and on Buddyhead in America and the rest of the world. Text – "Text" was Buddyhead #4 and considered a building block in what is now a very successfully diverse indie-boutique-label run by music journalist Travis Keller. Text announced a US tour the year after the record was released on Buddyhead but due to conflicts with International Noise Conspiracy tours, it was cancelled.
TEXT TEXT is the band founded by Kristofer Steen, David Sandström, Fredrik Bäckström and Jon F Brännström. All, except Bäckström, were ex-members of hardcore band Refused. Stylistically, they have little in common with Refused. Their debut album, Text, is a mix of spoken word, music of various styles, and ambient sound effects, often producing an ethereal, avant-garde sound. Apart from the three "Tableau" tracks (which are one piece, split up across the album), each track could be described as fitting into a different genre. In 2008, a second album, Vital Signs, was released. Yet again the style of music is far from Refused and the first Text album. Only Fredrik Bäckström and Jon F Brännström appear on this album.
Formatted text Surrounding by underscores was also used for book titles: Look it up in _The_C_Programming_Language_.
Formatted text The italicised text is enclosed by an opening and a closing italics tag. In LaTeX, the text would be marked up like this:
Formatted text Since the invention of MacWrite, the first WYSIWYG word processor, in which the typist codes the formatting visually rather than by inserting textual markup, word processors have tended to save to binary files. Opening such files with a text editor reveals the text embellished with various binary characters, either around the formatted areas (e.g. in WordPerfect) or separately, at the beginning or end of the file (e.g. in Microsoft Word).
Formatted text Formatted text documents in binary files have, however, the disadvantages of formatting scope and secrecy. Whereas the extent of formatting is accurately marked in markup languages, WYSIWYG formatting is based on memory, that is, keeping for example your pressing of the boldface button until cancelled. This can lead to formatting mistakes and maintenance troubles. As for secrecy, formatted text document file formats tend to be proprietary and undocumented, leading to difficulty in coding compatibility by third parties, and also to unnecessary upgrades because of version changes.
Generation text The term "generation text" has been created by several people independently. Dr. Michael Osit published a book in 2008 called "Generation Text".
Generation text A second invention of the word occurred in 2009 at a Lights concert in Winnipeg, Canada by Ian Scott. While at the concert, Scott observed that many of the teenagers were either talking on their cell phones, text messaging, or videoing concert footage using their phones. Also noticing that they appeared to be all of one specific generation, he coined the term "generation text".
Text annotation Text annotation may be as old as writing on media, where it was possible to produce an additional copy with a reasonable effort. It became a prominent activity around 1000 AD in Talmudic commentaries and Arabic rhetorics treaties. In the Medieval era, scribes who copied manuscripts often made marginal annotations that then circulated with the manuscripts and were thus shared with the community; sometimes annotations were copied over to new versions when such manuscripts were later recopied.
Text annotation While shared annotations can benefit individual readers, it is important to note that, "since the 1920s, literacy theory has increasingly emphasized the importance of social factors in the development of literacy." Thus, shared annotations can not only help one to better understand the content of a particular text, but may also aid in the acquirement of literacy skills. For example, a mother may leave marks inside a book to draw the attention of her child to a particular theme or concept; thanks to the development of audio annotations, parents may now leave notes for children who are just starting to read and may struggle with textual annotations.