Top 10 similar words or synonyms for termen_suffused

strigulation_fine_streaks    0.862613

whitish_tinged    0.862594

cream_tinged    0.855656

fuscous_tinged    0.845958

strigulated_finely_streaked    0.835450

pale_fuscous    0.833564

pale_ochreous_yellowish    0.832721

pale_whitish_ochreous    0.830050

whitish_fuscous    0.827196

suffusedly_mixed    0.826396

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for termen_suffused

Article Example
Blepharomastix caulealis The wingspan is about 20 mm. The forewings are brown and the hindwings are semihyaline white, the termen suffused with brown.
Lygropia joasharia The wingspan is about 17 mm. The forewings are pale yellow orange, the costal margin and termen suffused with pinkish cinnamon. There is a darker antemedial line outbent from the costa to the median vein, then vertical to the inner margin and there is a reddish line on the discocellular. The hindwings are pale yellow orange, the termen suffused with pinkish cinnamon and there is a short reddish line on the discocellular.
Eudonia gyrotoma The wingspan is about 20 mm. The forewings are light brassy-yellowish-fuscous, irrorated with white and sprinkled with dark fuscous. The hindwings are grey-whitish, the costa and termen suffused with light grey.
Blepharomastix marialis The wingspan is about 20 mm. The forewings are drab with darker markings. The hindwings are white, thinly scaled and the termen suffused with drab. There is a brown postmedial wavy line.
Eudonia alopecias The wingspan is about 23 mm for males and 18 mm for females. The forewings are ferruginous-brown, in males sprinkled with white towards the termen. The hindwings of the males are very pale whitish-fuscous, slightly brassy-tinged and the termen suffused with fuscous. The hindwings of the females are fuscous, becoming darker posteriorly. Adults have been recorded on wing in February.
Dichogama jessicales The wingspan is about 25 mm. The forewings are silvery white, irrorated with pale smoke grey and suffused with light drab, except on the margins. The termen is suffused with dusky brown. There is a fine terminal white line. The hindwings are semihyaline white, the termen suffused with dark mouse grey from the apex up to vein four.
Crocogma The wingspan is about 12 mm. The forewings are pale ochreous, more or less irrorated fuscous, the costa and upper part of the termen suffused rather dark fuscous. The stigmata are blackish, with the discal large, the plical smaller, rather obliquely before the first discal. The hindwings are whitish-ochreous, with a deep ochreous-yellow streak of modified scales along the submedian fold.
Crocanthes temeraria The wingspan is about 18 mm. The forewings are crimson, the dorsal two-thirds from one-fourth to the termen suffused with purplish-grey, extended indefinitely to the costa at two-fifths and four-fifths, an irregular yellow-whitish spot towards the dorsum before one-fourth and a moderate subquadrate yellow-
Dichomeris crepitatrix The wingspan is about 15 mm. The forewings are ochreous-brown, with scattered dark fuscous scales and a blackish streak irregularly interrupted and spotted with ground colour extending along the costa from the base to three-fourths. The stigmata is undefined, fuscous, with the discal approximated, the plical rather before the first discal. A streak of blackish irroration runs along the termen, suffused with grey anteriorly. The hindwings are iridescent-grey.
Coleophora thiophaea The wingspan is about 11 mm. The head and thorax are whitish-ochreous. The palpi is ferruginous-yellowish or yellow-whitish. The antennae are stout, ochreous-whitish and the basal joint shortly rough-scaled anteriorly. The abdomen is whitish-ochreous. The forewings are light ochreous-yellow, although deeper and ferruginous-tinged posteriorly. There is an undefined elongate rather dark fuscous patch extending along the termen, suffused anteriorly with yellow-ferruginous. The hindwings are grey, tinged with pale ochreous towards the apex.