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Terence Cao Terence Cao Guohui (born 6 October 1967) is a Singaporean television actor and a contracted artiste under MediaCorp.
Terence Cao In November 2012, it was reported in the local media that Cao had an alleged affair with a Shanghainese lady in 2010. The woman went on to bear his child in China and flew to Singapore to look for him. After a DNA test, the rumours were confirmed: Cao is the biological father of the then 20-month-old girl.
Terence Cao Cao studied at Anglo-Chinese School for both his primary and secondary education. Cao used to be a flight attendant and joined Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (later MediaCorp) in 1989 after completing the 9th drama training course. Apart from acting in several Channel 8 television drama series, Cao has also performed the theme songs for some of the series he starred in and has also acted in some television films.
Terence Cao Cao has also been featured as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes in the annual Star Awards in 1994, 1998,1999, 2000, 2001, 2004 and 2005. In 2011, he clinched the "Best Supporting Actor" in the Star Awards 2011.
Stepping Out (Singaporean TV series) A poor oyster collecter named Chen Xia (Terence Cao) wishes to marry his childhood sweetheart, Hong Dou (Cynthia Koh), but struggles to make ends meet.
Portrait of Home Without the master around, a faithful worker in Tong Xin Yuan, Lin Shitou (Richard Low) took up the task of overlooking the factory. Three years later, Shitou married Li Tian and had another 3 sons – Dahai (Terence Cao), Dayang (Pierre Png) and Dajiang (Zhang Yaodong). From then on, rumours abound that Shitou killed Zhou Dong and usurped both his factory and wife.
Making Miracles Shuyan (Fann Wong) is an optimistic and passionate pediatrician who met with a traffic accident and is disfigured in the process. The accident is caused by plastic surgeon Jieren's (Terence Cao) jealous ex-girlfriend Zhilin (Lynn Poh), he then puts his heart and soul in treating Shuyan but was unsuccessful.
Portrait of Home II Shitou’s injury proves fatal, and he dies. Dahai (Terence Cao), Dashan (San Yow), Xiuhua and company all rush back to attend his funeral. When they learn how Daqiu has taken advantage of Li Tian’s unclear state of mind to cheat her into signing over the family’s wealth and property, they decide to bring him to court.
Beyond Words (TV series) Beyond Words (Chinese: 爱要怎么说) is a drama produced by Mediacorp Channel 8, produced by Mediacorp Studios Malaysia. This drama stars Terence Cao, Pierre Png, Tong Bing Yu, Paige Chua, Zhang Yaodong, Shane Pow and Jayley Woo. It is filmed in Sabah, Malaysia.
List of Break Free episodes "Break Free" (simplified Chinese: 曙光) is a Malaysian television drama series. It stars Tay Ping Hui, Terence Cao, Zhang Zhen Huan, Andie Chen, Yvonne Lim and Kate Pang as the main characters in the story. The story revolves around four men from different backgrounds who were convicted to jail and their aftermaths when they were released.