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talpidae    0.837358

soricomorpha    0.828696

tenrecidae    0.820392

desmans    0.817524

pangolins    0.814105

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Analamazaotra Forest Station At least six species of tenrecs are found in and around Analamzaotra Forest Station including common tailless tenrec, greater hedgehog tenrec, lowland streaked tenrec, mole-like rice tenrec, shrew tenrecs and aquatic tenrec.
Tenrec The four subfamilies, 10 genera, and 34 species of tenrecs are:
IUCN Species Survival Commission This group includes aardvarks, hyrax, golden moles, tenrecs and elephant shrews or sengis.
Lesser hedgehog tenrec Tenrecs have a cloaca (common uro-genital opening), like a bird or a reptile.
Jenkins' shrew tenrec Tenrecs are often referred to as insectivorous, but a more appropriate term is faunivorous, meaning they eat a diverse variety of animals (and not just insects). Most tenrecs eat terrestrial invertebrates, although several species will opportunistically eat other small vertebrates such as amphibians, reptiles, birds, rodents, and other tenrecs. Some species are known to eat carrion. Despite such similar diets, there have been 14 tenrec species recorded within the same locality and up to 11 shrew tenrecs alone sharing the same habitat. How they partition prey within such an apparently crowded community of small-bodied faunivores remains unknown and has proven to be a challenging question to answer.
Rice tenrec Rice tenrecs are the two species in the Malagasy genus Oryzorictes. They are mammals in the family Tenrecidae.
List of least concern mammals Afrosoricida includes tenrecs and golden moles. There are 32 species in the order Afrosoricida assessed as least concern.
Hemicentetes There are two species in the genus Hemicentetes, H. semispinosus and H. nigriceps; both are found only on Madagascar. Lowland streaked tenrecs (H. semispinosus) are found in the rainforests on the east side of the island and highland streaked tenrecs (H. nigriceps) are found in humid forest and plateau savanna boundary habitat in the central upland portion of Madagascar. (Marshall and Eisenberg, 1996)
Lowland streaked tenrec It is active during day and night, primarily feeding on insects. Most tenrecs possess a long snout for poking around in the ground to find their food. They are also capable of eating worms and fruits. Some species of tenrecs live in water and eat small fish and even frogs.
Web-footed tenrec The aquatic or web-footed tenrec, "Limnogale mergulus", and other Malagasy Tenrecs are placed in a monophyletic clade called Afrotheria, which includes placental mammals of diverse anatomies including hyraxes, elephants and mammoths, manatee and dugong, tenrecs, golden moles, elephant shrews, and aardvarks. Genetic sequencing and other methods have confirmed the accuracy and relatedness of this grouping.