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TenCate Advanced Composites TenCate Advanced Composites’ cyanate ester pre-pregs (fibers impregnated with resin) have been used on Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission 4, NASA’s LADEE mission, as well as the first 3D woven composites NASA used in the Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle. Their TenCate Cetex® thermoplastics are found on commercial aircraft manufactured by Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Fokker, and Gulfstream, and their compression-molded parts are used in Bell’s 525 Relentless and V-22 Osprey helicopters. Their materials have also been used to reduce vehicle weight to improve efficiency in London Underground’s Central Line train, Alfa Romeo’s 4C, and Brunel Racing’s Formula Student car.
TenCate Advanced Composites , the company was listed as one of the top advanced polymer composite manufacturers in the global market. It operates six manufacturing facilities in four countries. The corporate office for TCAC-USA is located in Morgan Hill, CA, and the European corporate office is located in Nijverdal, the Netherlands. They distribute the following composite products worldwide:
TenCate Advanced Composites TenCate Advanced Composites is a multi-national producer and supplier of advanced composite materials. In the twentieth century, it developed a range of high-performance thermoplastic composites and thermoset pre-preg resins that are used today in a broad spectrum of applications.
TenCate Advanced Composites TenCate Advanced Composites is a Tier 1 member of the Thermoplastic Composites Research Center consortium. Their thermoplastics are used in a variety research applications, including improvements in vehicular crash performance, new circuit board materials for solar arrays, and the development of a low-cost thermoplastic composite welding process. Their materials are also used in a variety of recreational footwear, medical applications, and orthotic devices, including a prototype articulated brace designed to allow a paraplegic sky-diver greater control while flying.
Defender M Currently, TenCate Defender M is worn by United States deployed ground troops and provides flame protection with fabric that self-extinguishes itself when exposed to fire or flame.
Bulletproof vest Cercom, now BAE systems, CoorsTek, Ceradyne, TenCate Advanced Composites, Honeywell, DSM, Pinnacle Armor and a number of other engineering companies develop and manufacture the materials for composite ceramic rifle armor.
Olefin fiber The first commercial producer of an olefin fiber in the United States was Hercules, Inc. (FiberVisions). Other U.S. olefin fiber producers include Asota; American Fibers and Yarns Co; American Synthetic Fiber, LLC; Color-Fi; FiberVisions; Foss Manufacturing Co., LLC; Drake Extrusion; Filament Fiber Technology, Inc.; TenCate Geosynthetics; Universal Fiber Systems LLC.
Morgan Hill, California Notable high tech companies that are headquartered or have their American headquarters in Morgan Hill include Anritsu (Japanese telecommunications company), Flextronics (the world's 2nd largest electronics-manufacturing service provider), Velodyne (sensor and laser developer), TenCate Advanced Composites (Dutch advanced composite materials manufacturer), and the Paramit Corporation (high tech medical device manufacturer).
Richard Ogden Ogden married Jenny Tencate in 1946, and they had two sons and a daughter. The marriage was dissolved in 1958, and in 1960 he married Phyllis Dawson, gaining a stepson and two stepdaughters. His eldest son, Robert Ogden runs the business, still in Burlington Arcade.
Defender M TenCate Defender M was invented in 2006 in response to increased burn threats in combat. After extensive evaluation, Defender M was selected for the Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniform (FR-ACU) and the Marine Corp’s Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) programs in 2007.