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Teminabuan Teminabuan is a small town in South Sorong Regency, West Papua, Indonesia. The town serves as the capital city of South Sorong Regency. As of 2005 it had a population of 7,969. The town is located in the southwestern-central part of the Bird's Head Peninsula. The area was bombed between January and March 1967. It is served by Teminabuan Airport.
Greemakolo Greemakolo is a village in West Papua, Indonesia. The village is located in the southwestern-central part of the Bird's Head Peninsula, northeast of Teminabuan.
Cherax pulcher So far the species has only been found in Hoa Creek near the village of Teminabuan in West Papua, Indonesia. The creek is clear, fast flowing in some places, with a sandy and rocky bottom.
South Sorong Regency South Sorong Regency () is a regency of West Papua Province of Indonesia. It has an area of 3,946.94 km, and had a population of 37,900 at the 2010 Census; the latest official estimate (as at January 2014) is 43,898. The administrative centre is the town of Teminabuan.
Tehit language Tehit is a Papuan language of the Bird's Head Peninsula of New Guinea. Other spellings are "Tahit, Tehid," and other names "Kaibus, Teminabuan". Dialects are Tehit Jit, Mbol Fle, Saifi, Imyan, Sfa Riere, Fkar, Sawiat Salmeit. A grammar sketch can be found in Don Flassy's 1991 Leiden University M.A.. thesis.
Bird's Head Peninsula Archaeological findings indicate that local settlement dates back at least 26,000 years BP. Today, most people live in villages along the coast, with small concentrations inland. Villagers practise subsistence farming by shifting cultivation of copra, rice, corn and peanuts, as well as hunting. There are more than 80 villages scattered around the peninsula. There are about 18 main settlements that are the principal town of one of the five regencies found on the peninsula. These cities include Bintuni, Teminabuan, Sorong, Aimas, and Manokwari. Although, the largest settlements are the city of Sorong on the west coast and Manokwari on the east coast. Manokwari is the largest city with as of 2010 a population of 135,000 and a metropolitan area of 155,000. The city of Sorong has a population of 125,000 and a metropolitan area of 170,000. This city also has the largest metropolitan area.