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Pickaway County, Ohio Circleville is home to the largest DuPont chemical plant in Ohio. Opened in the 1950s, it produces Mylar and Tedlar plastic films, the latter used extensively in the production of photovoltaic modules.
Aflame Inferno A self-absorbed high school student gets caught in the middle of a battle of demons (called "Tedlars"). He is nearly killed but is saved when the Tedlar named "Inferno" merged with him. Now he must hunt down Tedlars while keeping up with his studies.
Tethered Aerostat Radar System The hull of the aerostat contains two parts separated by a gas-tight fabric partition. The upper chamber is filled with helium and provides the aerostat's lifting capability. The lower chamber of the hull is a pressurized air compartment. The hull is constructed of a lightweight polyurethane-coated Tedlar fabric. An airborne engine drives the generator, supplied by a 100-gallon diesel fuel tank.
Ultraflight Lazair Initially Mylar was used as a covering on the wings and tail, attached to the airframe with two sided tape. After the Mylar proved to have a short service life due to UV damage, it was replaced by a more expensive product, Tedlar.
Solar car Solar arrays on solar cars are mounted and encapsulated very differently from stationary solar arrays. Solar arrays on solar cars are usually mounted using industrial grade double-sided adhesive tape right onto the car's body. The arrays are encapsulated using thin layers of Tedlar.
AEREON III The hulls had a Zeppelin-type structure comprising seven 20-sided main rings, three intermediate rings between each pair of main rings, and wire bracing; however, the structural members were of Duralumin tubing, rather than the built-up girders of earlier rigids. The structure was described as "half as heavy and twice as strong as the structural material in the ill-fated "Hindenburg"." The hulls were enclosed by a double-layer outer cover, comprising an outer Tedlar layer and an inner layer of ripstop nylon treated with dope. The gas cells were also made of Tedlar. The fins were of sheet Duralumin on frames of the same material, joined primarily with epoxy resin rather than by riveting.
Cosmos Samba The aircraft is made from bolted-together aluminum tubing. The Tedlar-covered single surface wing is a French La Mouette Topless M design that uses an internal Kevlar cross-bar reinforcement in place of a kingpost and ground wires. The lower flying wires are retained, however, giving the aircraft a load rating of +6/-3g. Control is weight-shift via an "A" frame control bar.
Louisiana Bucket Brigade Designed to function like the Summa canisters used by government and industry, the buckets used in a Bucket Brigade are far cheaper and have comparable results. Air is drawn into a Tedlar bag housed inside a five gallon bucket. The bag is sealed and sent to a laboratory for analysis. The bag's contents are analyzed using Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and compared to a library of toxic gases. While the buckets cost only $75 each, the GC-MS samples cost $500.
Zeppelin NT The envelope contains the lighter-than-air helium which gives the airship its buoyancy. Inside historical Zeppelins, the gas cells were separate entities from the hull; however, on the Zeppelin NT, the envelope serves both as the aircraft's hull and as the gas cell. It is made of a three-layered laminate: one gas-tight layer of Tedlar (PVF), one polyester fabric layer to provide stability and one polyurethane layer suitable for thermic welding that acts to connect the separate laminate panels. To preserve its outer form, a slight overpressure of about is maintained within the hull. As in blimps, the interior pressure is kept constant at all flight altitudes by using ballonets. The ballonets have a total volume of .
Sport kite Many sport kite pilots have a variety of line sets, in different lengths and strengths (Measured in Lbs) to suit the wind conditions. Specialized kite bags are designed to tote a collection of kites, along with line sets and repair materials such as tedlar tape (for fixing punctured sails) and spare parts. Kite cases or bags also facilitate traveling with kites, some designed to fit into the overhead compartments on airplanes. Other accessories include hand-held (digital) anemometers for accurate wind speed information and LED lights that attach to the frame of the kite to allow for night flying. Some manufacturers offer replacement spars or spare components for their kites, for replacing damaged components after a particularly unforgiving crash landing.