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kotbu    0.912244

naotbu    0.875413

tbuona    0.848754

liotbu    0.836717

naoet    0.828637

khmds    0.827760

nasme    0.822724

etona    0.817611

meona    0.815958

nahmds    0.791686

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Takahashi Taxol total synthesis Cyclisation of 27 took place by alkylation (LiN(TMS), dioxane, microwave irradiation) to tricycle 28. Subsequent steps were cyanohydrin hydrolysis (camphorsulfonic acid), TMS deprotection (KOH) and allylic oxidation (SeO, tBuOH, salicylic acid) to ketone 29, then Upjohn dihydroxylation to triol 30, then acylation (AcCl, DMAP) and mesitylation (MsCl, DMAP) to 31, then benzyl group and benzyloxy group removal (hydrogenation / Palladium on carbon) followed by carbonate protection (triphosgene, pyridine) to 32, then secondary alcohol protection (TESCl, pyridine) and primary alcohol deprotection (potassium carbonate) to diol 33, then oxetane formation (DIPEA, HMPA) to 34, then acylation (AcO, DMAP), then benzoylation (phenyllithium) to 35, then oxidation (tBuOK, (PhSeO)O, THF) to the acyloin 36, then isomerisation (tBuOK) and acylation (AcO, DMAP, pyr) to 37, then oxidation at the allylic position (PCC, celite, NaOAc, benzene), ketone group oxidation (NaBH) and TES protecting group removal (HF·pyr) to baccatin III (38).
Potassium tert-butoxide Potassium "tert"-butoxide crystallises from THF/pentane at −20 °C as [tBuOK·tBuOH], which consists of infinite one-dimensional chains linked by hydrogen bonding. Sublimation of [tBuOK·tBuOH] affords the tetramer [tBuOK], which adopts a cubane-like structure. Mild Lewis basic solvents such as THF and diethyl ether do not break up the tetrameric structure, which persists in the solid, in solution and even in the gas phase.