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calamoschoena    0.906475

cinerosana    0.899868

nubilosella    0.899112

caryothicta    0.896414

incultaria    0.895990

pauperculana    0.895765

submaccana    0.895182

strouhali    0.894088

apicitincta    0.893287

millierella    0.893122

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Nymphicula tariensis The wingspan is 12–13 mm. The base of the forewings is fuscous, mixed with ochreous. The subbasal fascia is white, suffused with ochreous towards the edge and the antemedian fascia is brown, edged with whitish. The median area is scaled with dark brown. The base of the hindwings is fuscous and the subbasal fascia is white. The antemedian fascia is fuscous.
Hellinsia tariensis Hellinsia tariensis is a species of moth in the genus "Hellinsia", known from Papua New Guinea. Moths in this species take flight in November, and have a wingspan of approximately 15-17 millimetres. The specific name refers to Tari, the village whence it was collected.
Nymphicula tariensis Nymphicula tariensis is a moth in the Crambidae family. It was described by Agassiz in 2014. It is found in Papua New Guinea.
Nymphicula tariensis The species name refers to Tari, the type locality.