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Tarbela On 1st Baisakh, the Hindu inhabitants of the vicinity and of the Hazara plain assemble to bathe in the Indus river. The assembly is of a religious character, and is kept up for two days.
Tarbela Tarbela (Pashto/Hindko: تربیله; Urdu: تربیلا)is one of the 44 union councils, administrative subdivision, of Haripur District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.
Tarbela Khalabat township is divided into four sectors, sectors 1 and 2 are called Tarbela union and sector 3 and 4 called Khalabat union council.
Tarbela Tarbela Dam located nearby got its name after this Tarbela.
Tarbela Dam In the first stage, the Indus river was allowed to flow in its natural channel, while construction works commenced on the right bank where a 1500 feet (457 meters) long and 694 feet (212 meters) wide diversion channel was being excavated along with a 105 feet (32 meters) high buttress dam that was also being construction. Stage 1 construction lasted approximately 2.5 years.
Tarbela Dam The project's cost was initially estimated to be $928 million, but the cost was revised downwards to $651 million. The World Bank had agreed to provide a $840 million loan for the project in June 2013. The loan had two components: The first component is a $400 million International Development Association loan, which will be lent as a concessional loan at low interest rates. The second portion consists of a $440 million from the World Bank's International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Pakistan's Water and Power Development Authority was to provide the remaining $74 million required for construction, before the project's cost was downwardly revised by $277 million. Interest costs for the loans are estimated to cost $83.5 million.
Tarbela Lake Visiting picnic spots and eating out, especially during public holidays, used to be an effervescent trait of Pakistani society, but over the years, socio-economic pressures, law and order and above all the terrorist activities, have equally disturbed the life of the hoi polloi in Pakistan. However, the habit and desire remain as many still yearn to spend a few minutes with family, either on the lakeside, or some other tourist spot.
Tarbela Dam The main dam wall, built of earth and rock fill, stretches from the island to river right, standing high. A pair of concrete auxiliary dams spans the river from the island to river left. The dam's two spillways are located on the auxiliary dams rather than the main dam. The main spillway has a discharge capacity of and the auxiliary spillway, . Annually, over 70% of water discharged at Tarbela passes over the spillways, and is not used for hydropower generation.
Tarbela Dam Construction of Tarbela Dam was carried out in three stages to meet the diversion requirements of the river. Construction was undertaken by the Italian firm Salini Impregilo.
Tarbela Dam The main embankment dam and the upstream blanket were constructed across the main valley of the river Indus as part of the second stage of construction. During this time, water from the Indus river remained diverted through the diversion channel. By the end of construction works in stage 2, tunnels had been built for diversion purposes. Stage 2 construction took 3 years to complete.