Top 10 similar words or synonyms for tanyc

rugarama    0.681298

guntzviller    0.676260

jalesches    0.664671

maelwaedd    0.663521

obersoultzbach    0.660779

rwimbogo    0.659916

golianovo    0.659471

soksi    0.659045

hagenbrunn    0.658367

molbthach    0.658131

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for tanyc

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Article Example
Daggerspell Nevyn comes to Deverry province to banish an unnatural drought. Here he finds the bard Gweran (Blaen reborn), his wife Lyssa (Brangwen reborn), and a soldier called Tanyc (Gerraent reborn). When Tanyc angers Gweran by his behavior towards Lyssa, Gweran takes his revenge by subterfuge. He provokes Tanyc into attacking him – but as a bard, Gweran's life is sacrosanct. Tanyc is hanged for his crime.
Characters in the Deverry cycle Other incarnations: Gerraent, Tanyc, Cinvan, Dannyn, Owaen, Danry, Gwairyc, Gerran.