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Hama Amadou At an MNSD congress held in November 1991, Amadou was elected as its Secretary-General, while Tandja Mamadou was elected as the President of the MNSD.
Goukouni Oueddei He met with Nigerien President Tandja Mamadou on March 4, 2008, discussing the situation in Chad following the February 2008 Battle of N'Djamena.
Diffa In 2002, it was the centre of the first military uprising in the country since President Tandja Mamadou instituted civilian rule and led to a crackdown by the government against the civilian press.
Niger By 2007, the relationship between President Tandja Mamadou and his prime minister had deteriorated, leading to the replacement of the latter in June 2007 by Seyni Oumarou following a successful vote of no confidence at the Assembly. From 2007 to 2008, the Second Tuareg Rebellion took place in northern Niger, worsening economic prospects at a time of political limited progress. The political environment worsened in the following year as President Tandja Mamadou sought out to extend his presidency by modifying the constitution which limited presidential terms in Niger. Proponents of the extended presidency, rallied behind the Tazartche movement, were countered by opponents (anti-Tazartche) composed of opposition party militants and civil society activists.
Hama Amadou Maïnassara was assassinated in an April 1999 coup, and new elections were held in late 1999. The MNSD's presidential candidate, Tandja Mamadou, won the presidential election. In the parliamentary election, held in November, the MNSD again won the largest number of seats, and through an alliance with Ousmane's party, the Democratic and Social Convention (CDS-Rahama), it held a majority in the new parliament.
Rally for Democracy and Progress (Niger) In the 2004 general elections Algabid was the RDP candidate again, finishing last in a field of six candidates with 5% of the vote. The RDP then backed incumbent president Tandja Mamadou in the second round. In the parliamentary elections the party received 6.5% of the vote, winning six of the 113 seats. In the 2009 parliamentary elections it won seven seats.
Daouda Malam Wanké Wanké's government fulfilled its promise, and turned over power to the newly elected president, Tandja Mamadou in December 1999. Wanké consequently suffered from various health problems, including cardiovascular troubles and high blood pressure. During the last months of his life, he traveled to Libya, Morocco and Switzerland for medical treatment. He finally died in Niamey. He is survived by a wife and three children.
Hama Amadou As a result of the no-confidence vote, President Tandja Mamadou had the choice of naming a new prime minister or calling new elections. He named Seyni Oumarou, one of three candidates selected by parliament, as prime minister on 3 June; Oumarou had previously been part of Amadou's government as Minister of State for Equipment.
Nigerien constitutional referendum, 2010 A constitutional referendum was held in Niger on 31 October 2010, following the 2010 Nigerien coup d'état which ousted Tandja Mamadou. General elections followed on 31 January and 12 March 2011. Approved by 90% of voters, the constitution granted immunity to the coup leaders and stipulated that they had to hand over power by 6 April 2011.
Habi Mahamadou Salissou Considered a strong ally of Prime Minister Hama Amadou, Salissou supported Amadou following his 2007 split with President Tandja Mamadou over control of the party. Amadou, deposed in a vote of no-confidence in June 2007 and later arrested for corruption, remained as President of the MNSD, with Salissou as Secretary-General strongly supporting Amadou. Both were removed their posts in early 2009.