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Tamsier Joof Along with his experience in mainstream dance genres such as jazz and ballet, Joof was also involved in the underground London vogue scene during the late 1980s or early 1990s. By the early to late 1990s, Joof was one of the most recognisable New way voguers within the London underground scene and worked extensively in several London clubs as a podium dancer / voguer including Heaven Nightclub, Equinox, The Tube, Lowdown, Trade, Vox and Busby's. It was whilst working as a dancer in the early 1990s at Heaven that Joof met the legendary Jean Michel who will become one of his closest friends and vogue mentor. The two regularly frequented the London club scene giving performances and engaging in vogue battles with other London voguers.
Tamsier Joof Joof retired from professional dancing (on-and-off) in 2001 to pursue other business ventures, taking only non-lengthy dance contracts or teaching. In March 2015, Joof came out of retirement to appear on FKA twigs music video "Glass & Patron" as a vogue dancer starring alongside Javier Ninja, David Magnifique and Benjamin Milan. The video was officially released on FKA twigs YouTube channel on Monday, March 23, 2015.
Tamsier Joof Joof was born in North West London (Kensal Rise) into a Senegalese-Gambian family. His late father was a renowned Gambian barrister and solicitor, and his mother a business woman. Joof left the UK when he was two years old after his father decided to move his family back to the Gambia and establish his chambers there. He returned to the UK couple of years later to pursue his education. In an interview with "West Africa" magazine, Joof said:
Tamsier Joof Tamsier Joof or Tamsier (17 May 1973, other stage name: Tam Jo) is a British dancer, choreographer, actor, model, entrepreneur and radio presenter from a Senegalese and Gambian background. As well as appearing in several musicals, and as stage backing dancer for Mary Kiani, Take That and Janet Jackson, he was also known within the London voguing scene during the 1990s and is among the original London vogue dancers of that era.
Tamsier Joof Joof worked as a stage backing dancer for Mary Kiani, Kym Mazelle, Jocelyn Brown, Martha Wash, MN8, Take That, Honeyz, Impact Dance Productions (UK, Sadler's Wells) and also appeared on Janet Jackson's 1995 World Tour at Wembley Arena (London leg of the tour, small portion). Some of his musical theatre work include Starlight Express, Fame, Rent, Hot Mikado and The Wiz. Choreographic work include ""Consecrated Love"" for the Yozo Fass Dance Theatre Company, which he co-choreographed and performed in; ""Dance Fusion"" for the (London); and ""Our Town Story"" for East London (London Borough of Hackney) with Ujamaa Arts, supported by McDonald's for the year 2000 Millennium Dome Show.
Tamsier Joof In 1997 whilst working for Heaven Nightclub's host and performer — Miss Kimberley as a backing voguer, Joof was interviewed and photographed by the alternative culture magazine Bizarre. Joof's "interesting look and voguing talent" made him a prime candidate for an interview. Joof credited his old friend and mentor Jean Michel for teaching him the elements of vogue and for mentoring him, as well as watching legendary U.S. voguers like Willi Ninja and Hector Xtravaganza. As a regular user of Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden and Danceworks in Bond Street, Joof encouraged his mentor to run vogue classes in these studios. When Jean Michel was finally given a spot at Danceworks, Joof helped spread the word among his dancer friends "some of whom have had no exposure to real voguing other than what they've seen on Madonna's 1990 Vogue video." Joof regularly attended the class and supported his mentor.
Tamsier Joof Joof did some acting and modelling during his career working with artistic directors like Michel Wallace (the French choreographer and artistic director of the Yozo Fass Dance Theatre Company) and Paa C Quaye (the Ghanaian actor—director and artistic director of Ujamaa Arts). Joof appeared as background actor in the 2002 drama Dirty Pretty Things directed by Stephen Frears and starring Audrey Tautou; and in the 2003 comedy Love Actually, directed by Richard Curtis and starring Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson and Colin Firth. He was also a film, television and theatre costume model for Academy Costumes, and one of his major modelling jobs was modelling the costumes of the film directed by Jan de Bont and starring Angelina Jolie.
Tamsier Joof Joof studied classical ballet, jazz, African, contemporary, Latin, tap and labanotation. He attended Middlesex University, the University of Wolverhampton and the London Studio Centre and holds an Accounting and Finance Honours Degree, a PGCE and a Performing Arts Dance Degree. As of 2006, he was a non-active qualified teacher and an Associate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and the International Dance Teachers Association. Joof also took additional classes at London's Pineapple Dance Studios and Danceworks in various dance styles such as breaking; commercial jazz with the late Nicky Bentley (one of the earlier dance teachers at Pineapple Dance Studios) and with choreographer Shanie, whom he describes as influencing his commercial funk and jazz style. He also studied popping and street locking with Jimmy Williams - one of the early UK street lockers, and attended workshops with internationally renowned guest choreographers like Bryant Baldwin (USA) and Mauro Mosconi (Italy).
Tamsier Joof Joof was a dance teacher and lecturer, teaching jazz, ballet and contemporary. He taught at Carol Straker Dance School in London, Wood Green High School College of Sports, the University of Birmingham and the London Guildhall University. Joof ran workshops in various inner city schools in London and the Midlands. He was a dance coach/consultant for Sandwell and Dudley Borough Council in partnership with the region's development agency (Advantage West Midlands) and ran dance workshops throughout the West Midlands and also taught the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority's GCSE and A-level dance syllabi at various schools in the region including the A-level labanotation syllabus. He also taught advance/professional jazz at various dance studios including Adage Dance Studios in Harborne (Birmingham).
Tamsier Joof Joof was a former director of Bluewings Employment Security & Training Limited and Blue Light Training Services Limited both of which he resigned from and now runs his own businesses. He is an investor in African businesses seeking start-up or expansion capital through MYC4. Joof was also the founder of the Seereer Resource Centre (SRC), an organisation he conceived in 2008. The SRC preserves and promotes Seereer culture. Joof is a member of that ethic group. He is also the founder of Seereer Radio which broadcast 24/7 for the Serer and Senegambian community. Joof is a presenter on Seereer Radio and is the main anchor on the "Cosaan Seereer Show", a weekly cultural program which he co-hosts with Demba Sene, Mamadou Fall, Moussoukoro Sidibé and new host Laity Sene. He is also a regular on the "Open Mike Show" presented by Mamadou Fall. Joof is a strong opponent of President Yahya Jammeh's regime and regular speaks out against the brutality of the Jammeh regime on Seereer Radio, and occasionally on Gainako Radio. Joof regularly visits the Gambia to report on the country's political situation for Seereer Radio. He covered the trial of lawyer Ousainou Darboe and his Executive Committee, the 9th May 2016 political prisoners - imprisoned for demanding electrical reform and the Gambian presidential election, 2016. He is one of few Gambian radio presenters living in the diaspora that regularly criticises the Jammeh regime yet continues to enter country. Whilst he was still in the Gambia covering the 2016 presidential election and the release of Ousainou Darboe from jail, he continued to criticise the brutality of the Jammeh regime as he has done on previous visits. When asked by his colleagues whether he fears for his life being so candid about his criticism of the Jammeh regime, he replied "I may not be born here but my grandparents were born here and have fought and died for this country. If I do not have more stake in this country than Jammeh, then Jammeh certainly does not have more stake in this country than me." On the same topic, Joof had said on the "Open Mike" and "Cosaan Seereer" shows that "a real Serer does not fear death." He is also known for carrying out investigative journalism against the Jammeh regime and his enablers and outing them on the radio. He is one of few radio critics of Jammeh to have interviewed President-Elect Adama Barrow face-to-face on Gambian soil (done at least twice). The first being Barrow's election campaign in Bakau on 29th November 2016, and after his victory in the 2016 presidential election - face-to-face interview at the Kairaba Hotel on 7th December 2016.