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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for tale

Article Example
Dolphin Tale Sawyer Nelson, a lonely 11-year-old, has fallen behind in school since being abandoned by his father five years earlier. His only friend is his cousin Kyle, a champion swimmer who hopes to compete in the Olympics. Kyle leaves to spend time in the army.
Dolphin Tale In the film, Winter is stranded on Honeymoon Island Beach in Dunedin near Clearwater. She is found by a nearby fisherman sitting on the shore (and then rescued with Sawyer's assistance). In real life, Winter was found in Mosquito Lagoon south of New Smyrna Beach―part of the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. The fisherman who discovered her was in the lagoon, as well. Winter was first taken to the local Marine Discovery center and then transferred to Clearwater, which is on the opposite side of the state.
Dolphin Tale In the movie, Winter's tail was amputated due to infection caused from being caught in the rope. In real life, the loss of blood supply to the tail (from being caught in the rope) caused most of the tail to fall off, with only a small piece being amputated.
Dolphin Tale In the movie, developing Winter's tail takes a few weeks, with a Veteran's Administration doctor working during his vacation. In real life, the process of developing a suitable tail took several months' work by Kevin Carroll and Dan Strzempka from Hanger Clinic.
Dolphin Tale Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 82% of 106 critics have given the film a positive review; the average rating is 6.5 out of 10. Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average score out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, gives the film a score of 64 based on 31 reviews.
Rebecca's Tale The narrative shifts produce a very different structure from the original "Rebecca", as well as a more postmodern tone that emphasizes the various narrators' unreliability. Also, the book is sometimes placed in a separate genre: while "Rebecca" is classified as a Gothic novel (du Maurier detested its categorization as a romance), "Rebecca’s Tale" is often considered a mystery.
Cautionary tale Cautionary tales are also frequently utilised to spread awareness of moral issues, and for this reason are often told to children to make them conform to rules that either protect them or are for their own safety.
Cautionary tale On the other hand, in the adolescent culture of the United States, for more than a hundred years the traditional cautionary tale gave rise to the phenomenon of legend tripping, in which a cautionary tale is turned into the basis of a dare that invites the hearer to test the taboo by breaking it.
Tell-tale Tell-tales in the above sense are also occasionally used to warn trucks and other tall vehicles of low clearance bridges on roads and highways. In this context, chains are used instead of ropes, and it is frequently the sound of the chains knocking against the truck that alerts the driver of trouble.
Tale Ognenovski He received the First Award at the first regional Bitola Festival of Folk Dances and Songs, held on October 911, 1947. Olga Skovran from Belgrade, Manager for folklore in the Ministry of Culture in the Republic of Serbia (Former Yugoslavia) spoke: "Macedonia is the country most rich in folk dances, so rich that there is no other country in Europe equal to Macedonia", in an interview with Lazo Karovski and appearing in the newspaper "Nova Makedonija", Skopje, Republic of Macedonia on October 11, 1947.