Top 10 similar words or synonyms for tʂʰ

ts_dz    0.873523

ʂʰ    0.863232

tsʲ    0.861286


alveolar_alveolo_palatal_velar    0.856868

χʼ    0.853635

ɕː    0.850690

ʂʼ    0.849355

dʒʷ    0.849267

tɬʰ    0.847449

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for tʂʰ

Article Example
Standard Chinese The stereotypical "southern Chinese" accent does not distinguish between retroflex and alveolar consonants, pronouncing pinyin "zh" [tʂ], "ch" [tʂʰ], and "sh" [ʂ] in the same way as "z" [ts], "c" [tsʰ], and "s" [s] respectively. Southern-accented Standard Chinese may also interchange "l" and "n", final "n" and "ng", and vowels "i" and "ü" [y]. Attitudes towards southern accents, particularly the Cantonese accent, range from disdain to admiration.
Pluricentric language Although the three standards remain close, they have diverged to some extent. Most Chinese in Taiwan and Singapore came from the southeast coast of China, where the local dialects lack the retroflex initials /tʂ tʂʰ ʂ/ found in northern dialects, so that most speakers in those places do not distinguish them from the apical sibilants /ts tsʰ s/. Similarly, retroflex codas ("erhua") are typically avoided in Taiwan and Singapore. There are also differences in vocabulary, with Taiwanese Mandarin including loanwords from Min Chinese and Japanese, and Singaporean Mandarin borrowing words from English, Malay, Min and other southern Chinese varieties.