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baliospermum    0.589733

aphanorrhegma    0.587780

henryic    0.578426

globuluse    0.577338

microbiata    0.576302

iberidfolia    0.568560

staeri    0.566079

suavolens    0.565702

nemalionopsis    0.565674

lundelliana    0.565614

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Eucalyptus urnigera "E. urnigera" is an endemic Tasmanian alpine eucalypt of the sub genus "Symphomyrtus" and is the dominant eucalypt species at altitudes from on moist but well drained dolerite slopes and talus. It is restricted to the mountains of south eastern Tasmania, the Mount Wellington range, Mount Field and isolated pockets from Tylers Hill near Southport, south of Hobart, north to Alma Tier near Interlaken and Mount Seymour east of Oatlands in central Tasmania and a small population on the eastern side of Maria Island off the east coast. Typically, it is found below the range of "E. coccifera" (snow gum) and above the mixed and wet sclerophyll forests of the lower slopes although it will grow within both vegetation types.