Top 10 similar words or synonyms for sympathising

sympathizing    0.821187

sympathised    0.775893

sympathized    0.722695

consorting    0.707230

fraternizing    0.705602

connivance    0.684081

sympathise    0.677167

sympathises    0.666471

consorted    0.662791

allying    0.656926

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sympathising

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Article Example
Nygaardsvold's Cabinet Below are the four de facto Governments in Oslo during the war, either sympathising with or actually appointed by German Forces. Reichskommissar in Oslo was Josef Terboven.
Nasr Abu Zayd At the age of 12, Abu Zayd was imprisoned for allegedly sympathising with the Muslim Brotherhood. He was also influenced by the
2005 South Wales E. coli O157 outbreak On Mothers Day 2014 I do not want to be standing here sympathising with another family that has lost a child to E-coli O157."
Fourth International (post-reunification) The organisations below are cited by the Fourth International as being FI sections and journals, sympathising organisations, organisations including FI supporters or organisations with the status of Permanent Observers. for those with websites.
Revolutionary Communist Group (Lebanon) The GCR was founded in the 1970s as a full 'section' of the Fourth International . The 2003 World Congress of the International reorganised it as a sympathising group, reflecting a decline in the GCR's membership.
Knights of Saint Columbanus The scheme aims to remedy the ageing demographic of the Knights of St. Columbanus and the issues surrounding this, such as sympathising more with an ever diversifying Irish community and harnessing new technologies like social media.
Robert Seddon THIS TABLET is erected by sympathising friends and comrades in memory of ROBERT L. SEDDON, (Captain of the English Footballers), drowned in the River Hunter at West Maitland 15 August 1888, AGED 28 YEARS.
Jan Appel He made many more trips to Moscow to get the KAPD admitted as a sympathising organisation to the IIIrd International, and thereby participated at the Third Congress in 1921.
Socialist Movement Pakistan The SMP was formally founded in Lahore on 17 April 2004, with the merger of the "United Socialist Party" (a sympathising section of the CWI) and the "Marxist Workers' Tendency".
Hong Chengchou Hong Chengchou was given a minor hereditary rank perhaps due to distrust by some quarters of the Qing imperial court, which suspected him of sympathising with the Ming remnants.