Top 10 similar words or synonyms for sympathised

sympathized    0.908505

sympathizing    0.791728

sympathising    0.775893

sympathises    0.773262

quarrelled    0.750673

sympathise    0.744721

liaised    0.742260

flirted    0.732693

consorted    0.727830

empathized    0.726676

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sympathised

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Article Example
Ardeshir Hosseinpour According to an investigative work by an Italian journalist, Ardeshir Hosseinpour sympathised with Khatami.
Maria Edgeworth She sympathised with Catholics and supported gradual, though not immediate, Catholic Emancipation.
Samuel David Mendelssohn Official Mendelssohn joined no party, but he sympathised with the FDP.
Jaap Kruithof Throughout his life, Kruithof was an unflinching debunker of capitalism; ideologically, he sympathised with revolutionary socialism, humanitarian movements and ecocentrism.
Provisional Irish Republican Army arms importation The other source of IRA arms in the 1970s was Libya, whose leader, Muammar Gaddafi, sympathised with their campaign.
Robert Emmet He came from a wealthy Anglo-Irish Protestant family who sympathised with Irish Catholics and their lack of fair representation in Parliament. The Emmet family also sympathised with the rebel colonists in the American Revolution. While Emmet's efforts to rebel against British rule failed, his actions and speech after his conviction inspired his compatriots.
Primorsky Partisans A poll of listeners to the Echo of Moscow radio station indicated that 60-75 percent of listeners sympathised with the Primorsky Partisans and would offer them help.
Tjandamurra O'Shane He became a national figure in Australia, as the country sympathised and followed his progress. The attack received publicity around the world.
Vasily Vorontsov Vorontsov sympathised with the February Revolution of 1917 but opposed the October Revolution. Nevertheless, he remained in Russia. He died in 1918.
Vyborg Manifesto Note: Georgy Lvov became ill whilst travelling to Vyborg and had to return to the capital. It is however clear that he sympathised with it.