Top 10 similar words or synonyms for sympathise

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sympathise

Article Example
Polonia Przemyśl Fans of Polonia sympathise with Wisła Kraków. Their fiercest rivals are fellow locals Czuwaj Przemyśl with whom they contest a heated derby.
Samuel Plimsoll Through this experience, he learnt to sympathise with the struggles of the poor, and when his good fortune returned, he resolved to devote his time to improving their condition.
Dugald Stewart Stewart spent the summers of 1788 and 1789 in France, where he met Suard, Degérando, and Raynal, and came to sympathise with the revolutionary movement. His political teaching, after the French Revolution, drew suspicion on him.
Christophe Bassons The sports minister, Marie-George Buffet, said: "What a strange role reversal. Rather than fighting against doping, they're fighting its opponent." She wrote to him to sympathise, saying that it was time someone spoke out.
Know All The kids and Tony sympathise for the sad clown, and dress a mannequin in the clown costume, bringing it to life and reuniting the clowns and lovers once more.
Ne me plaignez pas "Ne me plaignez pas" is a French adaptation of "Please Don't Sympathise", originally recorded by Sheena Easton (in 1981) and composed by Steve Thompson. In 1990, Dion covered another Sheena Easton's song, called "The Last to Know".
Carrington V.C. (film) The officers who are to determine his fate have seen through the lies told in court and sympathise with Carrington. But the law finds Carrington guilty on all counts, which means dismissal from the service.
Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Adrian's father. George is still unemployed, and appears to have given up resolving this. After injuring himself converting the pigsties, the balding George becomes disabled. Adrian appears to sympathise with his father more than in previous books.
Girls' Dormitory In tears, Marie admits to Professor Mathe that she wrote the letter to Dr. Dominick. Anna doesn't tell Dr. Dominick this, but lets him know the girl is innocent. They both sympathise with her and try to prevent further punishment. But the other teachers persist with their persecution and insist that her mother is summoned.
The Poor-Whores Petition Given her great experience in whoring, Lady Castlemaine would, they argued, be able to deeply sympathise with prostitutes across the city. "Should your Eminency but once fall into these Rough hands", they wrote, "you may expect no more Favour than they have shewn unto us poor Inferiour Whores".