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Miyal Syedan Miyal Syedan is a village located in Rawalpindi Tehsil Punjab Pakistan. It is in Chountra region and it belongs to Potohar town. It is almost 21 kilometers from Chakbeli khan and about 75 kilometers from Rawalpindi on Rawalpindi Chakwal boundary.
Miyal Syedan Choudhary Nisar Ali Khan who is a national assembly member has a great effect on this village.
Mouri syedan Major languages spoken in Mouri Syedan are Pothohari and Pahari.
Kallar Syedan After the Mughal invasion of India, Gakhars like other tribes of Punjab became subservient to the Mughals, Sarang's father Tattar Khan came in the service of the Mughals. However, another chieftain Hathi Gakhar had assassinated Tattar in a late night raid on his camp, capturing his possessions. When Hathi Khan was defeated by Babur, he was later assassinated by an aged Sarang through poison. Sarang, later took the leadership of the Gakhar tribe, receiving also the courtesy title of Sultan from bestowed by the Mughals on his father.
Kallar Syedan Syed Muhammad Ali Murtadah (Murtaza)Ibn Syed Muhammad Mahdi ibn Syed Muhammad badruddin ibn Sayyid Muhammad ibn Shuja Al-Dīn ibn Ibrahīm ibn Qāsim Shah Al-Hussaini Al-Makki (Arabic: السيد محمد الحسيني المكي, was migrated to Pharwala Fort. He was taught the islamic and spiritual education from different school of thoughts. He converted thousands of non Muslims into Islam. Chief of Pharwala fort Sultan Sarang Khan was also a chief of the Gakhar tribe which resided in the Pothohar region also accepted Islam because of Syed's teaching.
Mona Syedan There is a government primary school in the village, with four teachers and 132 students.
Kharota Syedan Refugees of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 settled in Kharota Syedan, contributing to the diversity of the population.
Mouri syedan Sohwan River in Mouri Syedan is a home of various species like rohu fish and kingfisher.
Kallar Syedan Kallar Syedan is a City and Headquarters of Tehsil Kallar Syedan, Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan. On 1 July 2004 Kallar Syedan became the seventh Tehsil of Rawalpindi District, prior to which it was a part of the Kahuta Tehsil. Population 190,000 people. 1 police station. Literacy rate 62%. 99 revenue estates. The Tehsil has 11 union councils.
Kallar Syedan The Naqvi (Arabic: "السادة النقاويين") are people with the last name "Naqvi" and who are direct descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad through the lineage of the Imam Ali al-Naqi]. Ali Naqi was the 10th Twelver Shi'a imam and direct descendant of the daughter of Muhammad, Fatimah and her husband Ali, the first Shi'a imam, believed by them to be the successor of the Muhammad. Some Naqvis trace their ancestry back to Ali al-Naqi through his son Ja'far al-Sani, while others trace it through his other son, Husain ul Asghar.