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magnago    0.870999

mantovano    0.869773

caronno    0.869565

rivarolo    0.867119

omegna    0.865156

nibionno    0.862591

pontedera    0.861880

soresina    0.861643

pomponesco    0.860416

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Article Example
Suzzara The municipality borders Dosolo, Gonzaga, Luzzara (RE), Motteggiana, Pegognaga and Viadana.
Suzzara Suzzara (Emilian dialect: "Süsèra") is a "comune" (municipality) in the Province of Mantua in the Italian region of Lombardy, located about southeast of Milan and about south of the city of Mantua.
Suzzara Suzzara was given the honorary title of a city by a royal decree dated November 9, 1923. It is home to a large IVECO/CNH plant, producing IVECO Daily vehicles.
Suzzara It includes six civil parishes ("frazioni"): Brusatasso, Riva, Sailetto, San Prospero, Tabellano, Vie Nuove.
Suzzara Calcio 2000 Suzzara Calcio 2000 is an Italian association football club located in Suzzara, Lombardy. It currently plays in Eccellenza. Its colors are white and black.
Paride Suzzara Verdi He offered to make "La Favilla" the official organ of the movement, and in December 1872 it was proclaimed the national organ of the IWA.
Paride Suzzara Verdi He was an active Republican Socialist until his death.
Paride Suzzara Verdi Paride Suzzara Verdi was born in San Giorgio di Mantova in the Province of Mantua on 1 April 1826 to a wealthy and patriotic family.
Paride Suzzara Verdi Suzzara Verdi was among the twenty people who met on 2 November 1850 to create the revolutionary committee of Mantua.
Paride Suzzara Verdi However, he was not investigated for participating in the conspiracy.