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suhartono    0.518844

yogiara    0.501665

destroyusually    0.479362

karimbam    0.476993

kizingo    0.476816

lelwala    0.471537

nakiyadeniya    0.463543

seguine    0.462477

pooyappally    0.461393

corrig    0.461117

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Antonius Suwanto Antonius Suwanto, was born in Jember on November 30, 1959. He has found two circular chromosomes or plasmids in Rhodobacter with Kaplan S in 1989. He received an award as cum laude from the Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia. After that he received his master's degree from the University of Illinois. He is a faculty member in the Department of Biology, Institut Pertanian Bogor.
The Jakarta Symphony The Jakarta Symphony began in the 1970s by musicians from the orchestra, Orkes Simponi Jakarta. The members were, the late Tony Suwandi, the late Embong Rahardjo, Suka Hardjana, Suwanto Suwandi, the late Sudomo, Nursyiwan Lesmana, the late F.X. Sutopo, Amir Katamsi and friends. Together with F. Kuswardianto, several other young talented musicians joined, such as Juhad Ansyari, Didiek SSS, Bambang Suardi, Erfy Larasati, Yunus, Gatot Soebiono, Noor Syamsi, Prima Muchlisin, Asmoro, Anna Prapti, Budi Soewarno, Irma Manurung, Juzan and Rahmat, Ni Gusti A.K. Kadensi, and Gatut Santoso.