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benoza    0.828655

villademoros    0.825130

bolele    0.822459

charitu    0.810188

robaey    0.807523

pillajo    0.803998

elbanira    0.802985

linazza    0.800528

ardilajaime    0.799208

castrojuan    0.795848

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Somos los Carmona The story centers on a rural family living in a village to the south, away from civilization. When the government expropriates their land and pays them a lot of money, they move to Santiago. In his new home in La Dehesa, the family headed by Rosa (Carolina Arregui) and Facundo (Álvaro Rudolphy) collide with their neighbors, the Velascos: Roberto (Fernando Larraín), Isabel (Ingrid Cruz), Felipe (Ignacio Susperreguy) and Rocio (Valentina Carvajal).