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kangdŏk    0.903580

sŏho    0.859840

songp    0.858751

changbang    0.849171

arwŏn    0.847796

station_ryanggang_paektusan    0.846813

yŏhaejin    0.846783

mandŏk    0.846670

ŏngam    0.846189

tongp    0.844389

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Article Example
Susong Station Susŏng Station is a railway station in Susŏng-dong, Sŏngp'yŏng-guyŏk, Ch'ŏngjin-si, North Hamgyŏng, North Korea, on the Hambuk Line of the Korean State Railway.
Chongjin concentration camp The camp is located in the city of Chongjin in the North Hamgyong province of North Korea. It is situated in Suseong district (Susŏng-dong) of Songpyong-guyok, around northwest of the city center and west of Susŏng River (Susŏngch'on).
Hambuk Line There is double track from Susŏng, where the line connects to the Kangdŏk line, to Komusan, where the Musan line begins; the dual-gauge section (standard and Russian gauges) from Hongŭi to Rajin is also double-tracked.
Kangdok Line The Kangdŏk Line is an electrified standard-gauge secondary line of the North Korean State Railway running from Namgangdŏk on the P'yŏngra Line to Susŏng on the Hambuk Line.