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supratrochlear    0.813832

supraorbital    0.797960

subclavius    0.793045

clavicular    0.783124

stylohyoid    0.776740

sellae    0.768433

ischiopubic    0.767321

omohyoid    0.765932

ischiadic    0.762989

fibular    0.760979

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Article Example
Suprascapular notch The suprascapular notch (or "scapular notch") is a notch in the superior border of the scapula, just medial to the base of the coracoid process.
Suprascapular artery The suprascapular artery is a branch of the thyrocervical trunk.
Suprascapular notch This notch is converted into a foramen by the superior transverse scapular ligament, and serves for the passage of the suprascapular nerve (but not its corresponding artery); sometimes the ligament is ossified. The suprascapular artery travels superiorly to the superior transverse ligament.
Suprascapular nerve In the supraspinous fossa it gives off two branches to the supraspinatus muscle and in the infraspinous fossa it gives off two branches to the infraspinatus muscle.
Suprascapular artery Besides distributing branches to the sternocleidomastoid (which, however, mainly is supplied by the occipital artery and the superior thyroid artery), subclavius (which mainly is supplied by the thoracoacromial artery), and neighboring muscles, it gives off a suprasternal branch, which crosses over the sternal end of the clavicle to the skin of the upper part of the chest; and an acromial branch, which pierces the trapezius and supplies the skin over the acromion, anastomosing with the thoracoacromial artery. Just as with supplying the subclavius muscle, it anastomoses with the thoracoacromial artery in supplying skin areas.