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Sunstorm (Sunstorm album) Sunstorm is the self-titled album by the AOR side project of former Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner.
Sunstorm Interactive The company relocated to a new office and increased the staff size significantly. They followed up with many more hunting simulators and attempted to branch back into developing action games with titles such as the side scroller "". However, they were not able to achieve the same level of success again and finally shut down in early 2003 citing financial and staffing difficulties as the primary reasons. Michael Root went on to found Gabriel Entertainment. Recently reborn, Sunstorm now focuses on developing games and applications for the iOS platforms, as well as providing general technical consulting.
Sunstorm (novel) Sunstorm is a 2005 science fiction novel co-written by Arthur C. Clarke (author of "") and Stephen Baxter. It is the second book in the series "A Time Odyssey". The books in this series are often likened to the "Space Odyssey" series, although the "Time Odyssey" novels ostensibly deal with time where the "Space Odyssey" novels dealt with space. The first book in the series was "Time's Eye".
Sunstorm Interactive Sunstorm Interactive is an Indianapolis-based video game developer founded in 1995 by Anthony Campiti, which specialized in hunting simulators and first-person shooters. The majority of their titles were small-scale "value titles", priced between $20 and $30 as compared to the typical computer game that was priced at $50 at the time.
Sunstorm (novel) Just as in "Time's Eye", Baxter and Clarke pay small homage to "2001: A Space Odyssey" with lines lifted from the earlier book.
Sunstorm (novel) In the meantime, a major solar event occurs on 9 June, disrupting virtually all of the Earth's electronic hardware. Dramatic as it is, this phenomenon is only a minor precursor of a far more massive solar eruption about five years off. Scientific models of the projected 2042 event make clear that the Earth will be sterilised completely by the upcoming solar burst. The effects will be so powerful as to even endanger astronauts on Mars.
Sunstorm Interactive The company enjoyed their original moderate success by developing add-ons for build engine first-person shooters such as "Duke Nukem 3D", "Blood", and "Redneck Rampage". At this point, the company had approximately 6 full-time employees. Sunstorm finally made an industry name for itself when it developed the first hunting simulation game "Deer Hunter" in 1997. "Deer Hunter" opened up an entirely new genre and spawned many sequels as well as copycats.
Sunstorm (novel) Rather than sit by and allow the sun to just destroy all of Earth's life, political leaders (most notably the President of the Eurasian Union, Miriam Grec), and scientific leaders (led by Siobhan McGorran, the Astronomer Royal) decide to embark upon an ambitious plan to literally shield Earth from the worst effects of the storm. The plot is further complicated when information from Bisesa's odyssey suggests that what is happening to the sun is not simply a random happening in nature, but is rather the result of events set in motion by an alien intelligence over three millennia ago. Known as the Firstborn—since they were the first alien race to reach sentience, and thus are the most advanced civilization in existence in the universe—they are determined to stop later lifeforms from across the galaxy from infiltrating the stars, where they would increase entropy with energy usage and eventual wars, thus hastening the Universe's eventual heat death.
Sunstorm (novel) "Sunstorm" opens with the last chapter of "Time's Eye" as its initial chapter, and Bisesa Dutt is in London, reunited with her daughter. It is 9 June 2037, the day after her helicopter was shot down in the North Western Frontier Province of Pakistan. The five years that she spent on Mir, an alternate Earth, are now only memories (though the fact that her body has aged five years since 8 June 2037, will eventually serve as some confirmation of her story).
Sunstorm (novel) A lunar base named "Clavius" appears in both "2001" and "Time's Eye".