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Glen Raven, Inc. The company wove the fabric used to make the first American flag that was planted on the moon at their weaving facility in Burnsville, NC (see The company introduced acrylic-based fiber in 1961, which has vastly superior durability to cotton. Today, Sunbrella fabrics are used in a variety of applications including outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, boat covers, convertible automobile tops, and awnings. Glen Raven is best known for its Sunbrella line of performance fabrics.
Jordan's IMAX The "Sunbrella IMAX Theaters" (formerly the "Verizon IMAX Theaters") are two IMAX Digital 3D theaters located in Jordan's Furniture stores in Natick, Massachusetts and Reading, Massachusetts.
Jordan's IMAX The theaters were originally sponsored by Verizon Communications. In April 2011, the sponsorship with Verizon ended, and Tempurpedic took over the naming rights. In October 2014, Sunbrella was named sponsor of Jordan’s Furniture IMAX theaters.
Richard Frinier In 2009, Richard Frinier was the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the industry and his community at large, as designated and awarded by the International Casual Furnishings Association, a division of the American Home Furnishings Alliance. The designer is best known publicly for his design collaborations with Brown Jordan, Century Furniture, Glen Raven-Sunbrella and Dedon Worldwide.
Glen Raven, Inc. In 2006, Sunbrella Awnings, Boat Tops, Canopies, and Umbrellas with Sun Protective Performance Fabrics UPF 50+ were awarded the "International Seal of Recommendation for UV Fabric/Umbrellas/Awnings" by The Skin Cancer Foundation, a worldwide organization dedicated to preventing skin cancer.
Richard Frinier A graduate of California State University Long Beach holding a Master of Arts degree, Richard Frinier has been a product designer in the home industries since 1977, with emphasis on indoor/outdoor furniture for the resort-at-home and ultra-luxe resort living experience. He has worked for and collaborated with manufacturers such as Brown Jordan, Century Furniture, Dedon and Glen Raven/Sunbrella. His broad range of work encompassing hundreds of collections and thousands of individual product designs specified for palaces, public spaces, resorts, spas and private residences around the world. These designs have been extensively exhibited and published internationally.
Marine canvas Marine canvas is a catch–all phrase that covers hundreds of materials, for instance: acrylics, PVC coated polyester vinyls, silicon treated substrates and many coated meshes suitable for outdoor use. Most ¨marine canvas¨ materials offer UV and UVB resistance, and, to some extent, water resistance or waterproofness. One of the most popular fabrics used today is solution dyed acrylic such as Sunbrella. Such synthetic fabrics last for many years before deteriorating due to harsh UV rays. UV damages varnish (causes degradation, loss of color and elasticity and finally cracking and peeling) and the materials of which sails are made (often Dacron today). To avoid constant boat repair, covers are fabricated for all sails that are left outside, and all brightwork, or highly varnished wood. Hatches are covered for interior sun protection and winches are covered to protect them from deterioration of airborne particles and rain.
Awning Commonly used to shade a window, with a roller tube at the top, spring-loaded side arms, and a motor, crank or tape-pull operator. Awnings with sides are commonly known as traditional style awnings as they have been used for many years dating back to the early 19th century using cotton canvas fabric. Canvas was replaced in the 1960s by more acrylic materials and polyester in more recent times driven by a focus on the environment. Traditional style awnings are appropriate for historical buildings and are still popular today using a more weather resistant fabric such as a solution dyed acrylic fabric such as Sunbrella Fabric and a rope and pulley system for retracting the awnings. Awnings without sides do not provide as much sun protection as those with sides. Awnings without sides come in many different styles. Drop Arm Awnings without sides come with roller tubes at the top and are available with motors and wind sensors for automatic retraction. Spear Awnings are made without sides and are made with Wrought Iron Frames and they can be retracted with a rope and pulley system but are not available with motors.