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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for suidas

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Castor of Rhodes According to Suidas, Castor composed the following works:
Pratinas See Pausanias ii. 13; Suidas q.v.; fragments in T. Bergk, "Poetae Lyrici Graeci", vol. iii.
Posidippus (comic poet) Suidas states that Posidippus wrote forty plays, of which the following eighteen titles (along with associated fragments) are preserved.
Epilycus An epic poet of the same name, a brother of the comic poet Crates, is mentioned by Suidas.
Theodectes His treatise on the art of rhetoric (according to Suidas written in verse) and his speeches are lost.
Antipater According to Suidas, Antipater left a compilation of letters in 2 books and a history, called "The Illyrian Deeds of Perdikkas" (Περδίκκου πράξεις Ιλλυριακαί).
Autocrates Autocrates was an Ancient Athenian poet of the old comedy. One of his plays is mentioned by Suidas and Aelian. He also wrote several tragedies.
Palaephatus Palaephatus, an Egyptian or Athenian, and a grammarian, as he is described by Suidas, who assigns to him the following works:
Dinarchus According to Suidas, Dinarchus wrote 160 speeches; and Dionysius held that, out of 85 extant speeches bearing his name, 58 were genuine: 28 relating to public, 30 to private causes. The surviving speeches mentioned above are:
Aviación del Litoral Fluvial Argentino Contrary to some records specified in the fleet, the Douglas DC-3 LV-ABG was never registered in Argentina and was finally registered ZS-BWZ, 28 November 1947, the name of Suidas International in South Africa.