Top 10 similar words or synonyms for sudrey

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sudrey

Article Example
Rhys Michael Haldane When the royal expedition eventually reaches Eastmarch, Rhys Michael agrees to meet personally with Prince Miklós, accompanied only by Lady Sudrey, a distant relative of Miklós' who married the former Earl of Eastmarch. However, Miklós quickly attacks Sudrey, claiming she is a traitor to Torenth. Rhys Michael uses his arcane powers to kill Miklós, but Sudrey is fatally wounded by Prince Marek and Rhys Michael's hand is crushed by a horse's hoof. Sudrey soon dies from her wounds, and the king convinces his nobles that it was Sudrey's magic that killed Miklós.
The Bastard Prince The royal army arrives at Lochalyn the next day, where it is joined by the levies of Duke Graham of Claibourne, Earl Sighere of Marley, and Earl Corban Howell of Eastmarch. In a private conversation, Lady Sudrey, Hrorik's Deryni widow, offers Rhys Michael her support and the use of her limited powers. The following morning, Rhys Michael agrees to meet with Prince Miklos of Torenth, who claims to have led the invasion on Marek's behalf. Accompanied by Sudrey, the king parleys with Miklos briefly, but Miklos breaks the peace by attacking Sudrey. Rhys Michael uses his own powers to protect himself and kill Miklos, but Sudrey is killed in the battle and Rhys Michael is wounded when a horse steps on his hand. Afterwards, the king claims that it was Sudrey who used magic in the battle, and later realizes that Miklos' companion was actually Marek himself.