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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for suckled

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Human–animal breastfeeding The suckling of animals by infants was a repeated theme in classical mythology. Most famously, twin brothers Romulus and Remus (the former founded Rome) were portrayed as having been raised by a she-wolf which suckled the infants, as depicted in the iconic image of the Capitoline Wolf. The Greek god Zeus was said to have been brought up by Amalthea, portrayed variously as a goat who suckled the god or as a nymph who brought him up on the milk of her goat. Similarly, Telephus, the son of the demigod Heracles, was suckled by a deer. Several famous ancient historical figures were claimed to have been suckled by animals; Cyrus I of Persia was said to have been suckled by a dog, while mares supposedly suckled Croesus, Xerxes and Lysimachus. In reality, though, such stories probably owed more to myth-making about such prominent figures, as they were used as evidence of their future greatness.
Auge In one version the baby was exposed on Mount Parthenion above Tegea, where Telephus was suckled by a deer.
Lullabies of Armenia Also remarkable are three lullabies from vastly different regions — Talish, Van, and Sassoun — in which the mother describes her child as being suckled by a deer:
La lupa La lupa can refer to the mythological she-wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus and became a symbol of the city of Rome (see She-wolf (Roman mythology)).
Dionysios Solomos In the "Hymn to Liberty" Solomos rejoices in the sight of "lily-fingered virgins" whose "breasts are preparing the sweet-suckled milk of bravery and freedom."
Prince Marko Legend also has it that Marko acquired his strength after he was suckled by a "vila". King Vukašin threw him into a river because he did not resemble him, but the boy was saved by a cowherd (who adopted him, and a "vila" suckled him). In other accounts, Marko was a shepherd (or cowherd) who found a "vila"s children lost in a mountain and shaded them against the sun (or gave them water). As a reward the "vila" suckled him three times, and he could lift and throw a large boulder. An Istrian version has Marko making a shade for two snakes, instead of the children. In a Bulgarian version, each of the three draughts of milk he suckled from the "vila"s breast became a snake.
Human–animal breastfeeding The belief that animal characteristics could be transmitted via milk was widely held; the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus thought that being suckled by lionesses conferred great courage. Goats were thought to transmit a libidinous character and some preferred to employ donkeys as wet nurses instead, as they were thought to be more moral animals. In modern Egypt, though, donkeys were disfavoured as wet nurses as it was thought that a child suckled on donkeys' milk would acquire the animal's stupidity and obstinacy.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Rodez In 1628 a plague at Villefranche carried off 8000 inhabitants within six months; Father Ambroise, a Franciscan, and the chief of police Jean de Pomayrol saved the lives of many little children by causing them to bo suckled by goats.
Se los chupó la bruja Se los chupó la bruja ("The Witch Suckled Them") is a 1958 Mexican horror comedy film directed by Jaime Salvador and starring the double act Viruta y Capulina (Marco Antonio Campos and Gaspar Henaine), Sonia Furió, and Octávio Arias.
Devnarayan According to the epic, Infant Devnarayan was suckled by a lioness.That gave rise to famous Rajasthani Proverb "Gurjari Jaayan, Nahari Jaayan", which translated as "Son of a Gurjar is no less than a Lion."