Top 10 similar words or synonyms for submarginal

postmedial    0.907072

postmedian    0.903910

antemedial    0.887512

antemedian    0.881676

subbasal    0.877506

subterminal    0.871899

lunulate    0.867822

postdiscal    0.863730

subdorsal    0.838464

hindwing    0.833285

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for submarginal

Article Example
Avatha garthei Adults are similar to "Avatha bubo", but have a distinctly paler, irregular submarginal fascia in a more uniform submarginal zone.
Argyrostola The wingspan is 32-44 mm. The forewings are silvery white, with reddish brown costal and submarginal scales. Both wings have a prominent curved submarginal series of specks.
Eupterote minor latter with traces of the submarginal line on both wings.
Parnassius simonius "P. simo" differs from "P. simonius" by the upper hindwing having its submarginal band represented by a discontinuous row of arrow-like teeth and from "P. boedromius", by the upper hindwing submarginal band being smoothly dentate (tooth like).
Ronaldocossus brechlini The length of the forewings is about 14.5 mm. The submarginal zone of the forewings is brown with a black band at the border of the postdiscal and submarginal areas. The hindwings uniform brown.
Fisera perplexata Adults have brown forewings, each with a central dark spot. The summer form has a submarginal row of smaller dark dots. The winter form has a pale marginal area demarked by a dark cusped submarginal line.
Battus devilliersii It has tails on both hindwings. The forewings have a submarginal row of white spots. The hindwing on the upper surface has a submarginal band, and on the underside with one or more silver spots.
Papilio ptolychus Female.Similar to the male; the marginal spots to the forewings and the submarginal markings to the under surface of the hindwings are rather larger; above, the hindwings have three submarginal spots in my single example.
Papilio ptolychus Some specimens have on the upperside of the hindwings a small, ochraceous,submarginal spot between the lower median nervules ; below, the series of submarginal spots is always complete, but the spots are often very feebly marked.
Parnassius delphius Discal markings dull, submarginal band of forewing distinct, hindmarginal spot absent as a rule; ocelli of hindwing bright carmine, hindmarginal spots black, blackish hindmarginal area broad, two bluish-black anal spots, a faint submarginal and narrow marginal band.