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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for subhani

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Nizamuddin Subhani Nizamuddin Subhani (born 10 November 1925 in Kabul), is an Afghan wrestler, who competed at the 1960 Summer Olympic Games in the heavyweight freestyle event.
Nasir Subhani He has written on various subjects in Kurdish, Arabic and Persian. He is known amongst Kurds by some 1000 cassettes which are recorded using lectures given in various places. He is known for his Quranic interpretations. He established a Quran academy in the town of Paveh in Iran before he was executed by Iran.
Akbar Subhani Akbar Subhani is a Pakistani veteran actor of film and television. Known for his supporting roles, he is best recognized in PTV most acclaimed serials such as "Sitara Aur Mehrunissa", "Uncle Urfi" and has worked in critically acclaimed films "" and "Manto"for which he received ARY Film Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role nomination at 2nd ARY Film Awards. He is a son of late actor Subhani Bayounous.
Armaghan Subhani Chaudry Armaghan Subhani is a Pakistani politician who is currently a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. He was elected as a member of National Assembly on a ticket of Pakistan Muslim League (N) from NA-111 (Sialkot) in Pakistani general election, 2013.
Nasir Subhani Nasir Subhani (Kurdish: , ) (14 October 1951 - 17 April 1990 or 19 March 1990) was a Kurdish scholar from Iranian Kurdistan.
Subhani ba Yunus Subhani ba Yunus (1931–2006; born in Aurangabad, British India) was an accomplished Pakistani actor and television and radio personality whose distinct voice quality earned him a special place in Radio Pakistan. Younis was an Urdu-speaking Hyderabadi Muslim of Hadhrami Chaush descent. His claim to fame comes from Khwaja Moinuddin's stage plays, particularly "Taleem-e-Balighan" in which he played the role of a butcher.
Subhani ba Yunus It is said that the Mirza Ghalib role that made Subhani Bayunus a household name in the 1960s was originally given to Mohammad Yousuf. But the renowned man of letters Nazar Hyderabadi insisted that the role be given to Subhani Bayunus whose height and appearance made him bear a striking resemblance to Ghalib. Subhani Bayunus also played Ghalib in a documentary made by the Directorate of Films and Publications in 1968 as part of Ghalib’s centenary celebrations. This documentary was not shown due to political reasons. It is available from Shalimar Recording Company, Islamabad.
Sheik Mahaboob Subhani He renders popular carnatic ragas and kritis on nagaswaram.
Subhani ba Yunus He died at the age of 75, after a long illness on Wednesday 30 May 2006 in Karachi at his residence PIB Colony.
Sheik Mahaboob Subhani Sheik Mahaboob Subhani started his performing when he was seven, but due to family circumstances he had to work as a clerk in a tobacco company.