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metaclasses    0.752450

rdfs    0.749601

equivalentclass    0.747020

subproperty    0.743929

subpropertyof    0.740486

entitytype    0.734774

relationshiptype    0.732856

ismemberof    0.724387

entitysets    0.719418

reltype    0.718817

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for subclassof

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KiSAO The elements of each algorithm branch are linked to characteristic and parameter branches using "has characteristic" and "has parameter" relationships accordingly.The algorithm branch itself is hierarchically structured using "subClassOf" relationships, which denote that the descendant algorithms were derived from, or specify, more general ancestors.
Class (knowledge representation) Classes can subsume each other. We say usually that if codice_1 and codice_2 are classes, and all codice_1 instances are also codice_2 instances, then B subsumes A, or A is a subclass of B, for example in the OWL Language it's called subclassof.