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Study Archive Study archives are collections of data (in CSV and/or TSV files), images, and audio files, arranged in an organized hierarchical directory structure and packaged in a compressed ZIP archive for use with flashcard applications. As ZIP archives, the file format extension is simply .zip
STEP Study The branch of the study which was conducted in Africa was called the "Phambili Trial" or "HVTN 503".
STEP Study STEP was the second HIV vaccine efficacy trial ever conducted.
STEP Study 49 of the 914 men in the vaccine group and 33 men of 922 in the placebo group had tested HIV-positive. The protocol expected that the group which had received the vaccine would have a lower or equal infection rate as compared to the control group, but this was not seen. In fact, certain groups of the vaccine recipients were seen to have higher risk of HIV infection as compared to the placebo group. Merck closed the study because the vaccine was ineffective but clear evidence that the vaccine was detrimental has not been found. By November 2007 all participants were unblinded when researchers informed them whether they had received the vaccine or placebo.
STEP Study While almost everyone enrolled in the STEP study had received the full course of the vaccine when the vaccination cessation was announced, no one in this African trial had been entirely vaccinated.
STEP Study In May 2012 "The New York Times" reported that a study confirmed that the vaccine given to volunteers in the STEP Study made them more likely, not less, to become infected with HIV.
Intersalt study In 1997 the science writer Gary Taubes, published an article in "Science", which was heavily critical of the statistical analysis published by Intersalt. He criticized the failure to account for population heterogeneity in establishing the weak association between salt intake and blood pressure and the assumptions made when deploying regression dilution bias. He also cited the TOHP II study as showing only "negligible benefit of salt reduction".
Study group A study group is a small group of people who regularly meet to discuss shared fields of study. These groups can be found in high school and college setting, within companies, occasionally primary/junior school and sometimes Middle School/Intermediate. Professional advancement organizations also may encourage study groups. Study groups have helped students who have trouble being in a large group setting.
Feasibility study The acronym TELOS refers to the five areas of feasibility - Technical, Economic, Legal, Operational and Scheduling.
Feasibility study To ensure success, desired operational outcomes must be imparted during design and development. These include such design-dependent parameters as reliability, maintainability, supportability, usability, producibility, disposability, sustainability, affordability and others. These parameters are required to be considered at the early stages of design if desired operational behaviours are to be realised. A system design and development requires appropriate and timely application of engineering and management efforts to meet the previously mentioned parameters. A system may serve its intended purpose most effectively when its technical and operating characteristics are engineered into the design. Therefore, operational feasibility is a critical aspect of systems engineering that needs to be an integral part of the early design phases.