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canidae_dogs_foxes    0.918273

lc_suborder_caniformia_family    0.913659

african_buffalo_syncerus    0.906588

nt_suborder_caniformia_family    0.900595

vulpes_lc    0.898594

family_herpestidae_mongooses_genus    0.891407

genus_vulpes    0.891240

common_dwarf_mongoose    0.888770

maned_wolf_chrysocyon_brachyurus    0.886282

herpestes_egyptian_mongoose_herpestes    0.886031

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Article Example
Thol Lake Some of the important fauna reported in the area surrounding the lake are: bluebull ("Boselaphus tragocamelus"), striped hyena ("Hyaena hyaena"), wolf ("Canis lupus"), golden jackal ("Canis aureus") and blackbuck ("Antilope cervicapra").
Kathiawar-Gir dry deciduous forests The protected areas of this dry region are also home to 80 mammal species. Apart from the Indian leopard ("Panthera pardus fusca"), Indian wolf ("Canis lupus pallipes"), striped hyena ("Hyaena hyaena"), four-horned antelope ("Tetracerus quadricornis"), blackbuck ("Antilope cervicapra"), and chinkara ("Gazella bennettii"), the ecoregion is host to:
Southwestern Arabian montane woodlands The Arabian leopard ("Panthera pardus" ssp. "nimr") and Arabian wolf ("Canis lupus" ssp. "arabs") are critically endangered. Other mammals include the hamadryas baboon ("Papio hamadryas"), caracal ("Caracal caracal" ssp. "schmitzi"), rock hyrax ("Procavia capensis" ssp. "jayakari"), and striped hyena ("Hyaena hyaena").
Béni Abbès The most important mammals are the dorcas gazelle ("Gazella dorcas") and rhim gazelle ("Gazella leptoceros"), both highly threatened by uncontrolled hunting. The sand cat ("Felis margarita"), striped hyena ("Hyaena hyaena") and the fennec fox ("Vulpes zerda") are observed in the area only rarely. Rodents found in the area include sand rat ("Psammomys obesus"), greater Egyptian gerbil ("Gerbillus pyramidum") and the Libyan jird ("Meriones libycus").
Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary The faunal diversity consists of 14 species of mammals, nine species of reptiles and six species of snakes. Some of the important ones supported by the sanctuary include: chinkara, black buck, caracal, desert cat, pangolin, great Indian bustard, porcupine, blue bull or nilgai ("Boselaphus tragocamelus"), Indian boar ("Sus scrofa"), Indian wolf ("Canis lupus") mongoose ("Herpestes edwardsii"), hare, striped hyena ("Hyaena hyaena") and the peafowl.