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uliginosa    0.949092

latifolium    0.947189

ciliata    0.946555

auriculata    0.943731

spathulata    0.942700

oblongifolia    0.942558

subulata    0.941881

micrantha    0.940153

sessiliflora    0.939788

heliotropium    0.939617

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Article Example
Cordyline stricta Cordyline stricta, known as the Slender Palm Lily, or Narrow-leaved Palm Lily (not to be confused with "C. congesta", which is also known by this common name) is an evergreen Australian plant. A shrub to 5 metres tall found in wet sclerophyll forest and rainforest, usually on the coastal lowlands. From near Bilpin, New South Wales further north to Queensland. "C. stricta" has become naturalised in Victoria.
Cordyline stricta "Cordyline stricta" is a host plant for Yellow-streaked Swift caterpillars.
Melica stricta It is native to California, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah in the western United States. It grows in mountain and plateau habitats, including areas with an alpine climate.
Melica stricta It is a perennial bunchgrass which varies in maximum height from 10 to 90 centimeters. The inflorescence is a narrow panicle of V-shaped green and purple banded spikelets.
Hebe stricta A hebe found throughout the North Island with long pale green leaves and tiny white flowers in summer into a dense inflourences longer than the leaves .