Top 10 similar words or synonyms for stop_affricate_fricative

stop_voiceless_voiced    0.952875

plosive_affricate    0.949088

post_alveolar_palatal    0.948954

velar_glottal_nasal_plosive    0.947668

palatal_velar    0.945003

affricate_fricative    0.944782

glottal_plosive    0.943912

voiceless_voiced    0.943857

fricative_voiceless_voiced    0.943074

approximant_trill    0.942625

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for stop_affricate_fricative

Article Example
Lenition The tables below show common sound changes involved in lenition. In some cases, lenition may skip one of the sound changes. The change voiceless stop > fricative is more common than the series of changes voiceless stop > affricate > fricative.