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Stenzel Stenzel is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Torsten Stenzel They had produced a club version based on the film music by composer James Horner. Through 4 months several European Dj's played the track frequently and it quickly became a clubhit. In 1999 Stenzel licensed the track to the underground label 'Overdose' and produced a remix - (Suspicious Remix).
Torsten Stenzel Their second single 'On The Beach' was released on the German producer Andreas Tomallas' (Talla 2XLC) label - 'Suck me Plasma'.
Torsten Stenzel It was later on licensed to "Sony Music Germany" and "Manifesto" in The United Kingdom. 'On The Beach' was a coversion of British singer-songwriter Chris Rea. It instantly reached a top 3 position in Germany, United Kingdom and US. Stenzel had his second huge hit following 'Protect Your Mind'. Furthermore, Chris Rea was so positively affected by the coversion - which had sold more copies than the original from 1986 - that he helped promoting the track with a performance in the British 'Top of The Pops' show. Chris Rea and Stenzel started writing songs together, among others the track 'Your Love is Setting Me Free' by Watermen Meets Chris Rea.
Torsten Stenzel Stenzel has been a huge fan of Moby, since the release of the album "Go" in 1991. In 2001 Moby's manager contacted him and asked if he would be interested in remixing the new single "Porcelain" along with Rob Dougan, Futureshock and Force Mass Motion. Stenzel produced a deep Clubremix, that later on was released through "Mute Records" (US).
Torsten Stenzel - 2004 Stenzel met German Dj and producer Sven Greiner (Dj Shog) on Ibiza. Together they founded the record label '7th Sense Recordings' where they released various new trance projects under alias' such as Mandala Bros., Jolly Harbour and San Jose.
Torsten Stenzel It was time for a change. Throughout the 1990s, Ibiza became more commercialised, mainstream and gradually lost appeal. The increasingly hedonistic lifestyle and overcrowding caused Stenzel and his family to seek greener pastures.
Pam Stenzel Stenzel was conceived when her mother was raped at the age of fifteen. Her mother then gave Stenzel up for adoption. She attended Liberty University, from which she received a degree in psychology.
Fabian Stenzel Fabian Stenzel (born October 7, 1986) is a German footballer who plays for Chemnitzer FC.
Pascal Stenzel Stenzel is a Borussia Dortmund youth exponent, who played for the reserve team. He made his professional debut in the 3. Liga at 2 August 2014 against Holstein Kiel.