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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for stenscholl

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Article Example
Staffin Island Staffin Island (possibly also known as Stenscholl Island) is an islet off the east coast of the Trotternish peninsula of Skye in Scotland.
Brogaig Brogaig (), Norse for Burgh Bay, is a small coastal village, on the northwest coast of the Trotternish peninsula, close to Staffin and Stenscholl, in the Isle of Skye in Scotland and is in the council area of Highland.
Staffin Island The Norse name may have been "Fladdaidh" meaning "flat island". The Gaelic name "Eilean Stafainn" has the same meaning as the modern English name which is taken from the nearby settlement of Staffin. "Stenscholl" is an area of Staffin.
Staffin Staffin () is a district with the Gaelic name "An Taobh Sear", which translates as 'the East Side', on the northeast coast of the Trotternish peninsula of the island of Skye. It is located on the A855 road about north of Portree and is overlooked by the Trotternish Ridge with the famous rock formations of The Storr and the Quirang. The district comprises 23 townships made up of, from south to north, Rigg, Tote, Lealt, Lonfearn, Grealin, Breackry, Cul-nan-cnoc, Bhaltos, Raiseburgh, Ellishader, Garafad, Clachan, Garros, Marrishader, Maligar, Stenscholl, Brogaig, Sartle, Glasphein, Digg, Dunan, Flodigarry and Greap.