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ADM Motorsport In addition they also ventured into the Hungarian Formula 3 championship with Claudia Steffek finishing 2nd in the championship.
Polish Socialist Workers Party Polish Socialist Workers Party (, PSPR) was a political party in Czechoslovakia founded in February 1921, based amongst Polish workers. The party was active in trade union struggles, mainly mobilizing miners and workers in heavy industries. The chairman of the party was Emanuel Chobot. Other prominent members of the party were Antoni Steffek and Wiktor Sembol. The party closely cooperated with the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party. The party published the newspaper "Robotnik Śląski" ('Silesian Worker') from Fryštát.
The Legitimation of Power A problem with "legitimacy" that this work, according to Steffek, clearly emphasises is that the term is used both prescriptively and descriptively. From the prescriptive point of view social scientists should be able to suggest when governance deserves to be described as legitimate. From the descriptive point of view social scientists should be able to suggest why those subjected to governance agree to accept and support, or reject, it. As for the first project, there is a well-established strand of normative research that discusses a prescriptive version of legitimacy.
Patrizia Nanz From 2002 to 2010 Nanz was the coordinator and executive leader of the research project “Participation and Legitimation of International Organisations” at the Collaborative Research Center "Staatlichkeit im Wandel" (Transformations of the State) at the University of Bremen (from 2006 together with Jens Steffek). Between 2005 and 2009, Nanz led the German research effort for the project “Giving New Subjects a Voice: Migrants, Organizations and Integration into the Health Care System”. Funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, the project sought to develop innovative approaches that would make the policy process and institutional settings of the health-care system more responsive to the needs of migrants. Nanz was the executive leader of the research project "Fundamental Rights in the European Union" from 2007 to 2010. The project was funded by the European Union and conducted within the framework of the European research network "Resources, Rights and Capabilities: In Search of Social Foundations for Europe" (CAPRIGHT).
The Merry Widow In 1953, EMI's Columbia label released a near-complete version produced by Walter Legge, conducted by Otto Ackermann, with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf as Hanna, Erich Kunz as Danilo, Nicolai Gedda as Camille and Emmy Loose as Valencienne. It was sung in German, with abridged spoken dialogue. Loose sang Valencienne again for Decca in the first stereophonic recording, produced in 1958 by John Culshaw, with Hilde Gueden, Per Grundén and Waldemar Kmentt in the other main roles, and the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Robert Stolz. A second recording with Schwarzkopf as Hanna was issued by Columbia in 1963; the other main roles were sung by Eberhard Wächter, Gedda and Hanny Steffek. This set, conducted by Lovro von Matačić, has been reissued on CD in EMI's "Great Recordings of the Century" series. Among later complete or substantially complete sets are those conducted by Herbert von Karajan with Elizabeth Harwood as Hanna (1972); Franz Welser-Möst with Felicity Lott (1993); and John Eliot Gardiner with Cheryl Studer (1994).