Top 10 similar words or synonyms for sprinkled_dark_fuscous

suffusedly_irrorated    0.852027

irregularly_irrorated    0.843095

light_greyish_ochreous    0.830658

ferruginous_brownish    0.829165

light_ochreous_yellowish    0.828213

pale_greyish_ochreous    0.826041

irrorated_dark_fuscous    0.821676

pale_whitish_ochreous    0.821526

ferruginous_ochreous    0.817519

whitish_sprinkled    0.817188

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sprinkled_dark_fuscous

Article Example
Stenoma obovata The wingspan is about 24 mm. The forewings are brown with a faint reddish tinge, minutely speckled whitish, towards the dorsum also sprinkled dark fuscous. The costal edge is rather dark brown. The hindwings are yellow whitish.
Lecithocera desolata The wingspan is about 16 mm. The forewings are brownish-ochrcous, somewhat sprinkled dark fuscous. The basal two-thirds of the costa is suffused fuscous and the discal stigmata are dark fuscous. The hindwings are light grey.
Lecithocera caustospila The wingspan is 14-15 mm. The forewings are ochreous-yellowish sprinkled dark fuscous, with a suffused dark fuscous costal streak from the base to four-fifths, the posterior extremity rather expanded with dark irroration beneath. The discal stigmata are moderate and blackish and there is an undefined blotch
Athrips syncopaula The wingspan is about 16 mm. The forewings are greyish suffused ochreous-brown and thickly sprinkled dark fuscous. The discal stigmata form small irregular rather dark fuscous spots with smaller obscure pale spots adjacent on the internal side. The hindwings are light grey.
Gonionota euthyrsa The wingspan is 21-22 mm. The forewings are reddish-purple fuscous, on the basal two-fifths speckled whitish, towards the base sprinkled dark fuscous. There is some irregular ferruginous-ochreous suffusion towards the costa beyond the middle, and before the apex, as well as a minute white dot on the lower angle of the cell. The hindwings are rather dark grey.