Top 10 similar words or synonyms for sprayability

redispersibility    0.775005

spreadability    0.771557

paintability    0.754162

mixability    0.753233

jettability    0.750027

pourability    0.749696

recoatability    0.746680

dryability    0.746632

pumpability    0.744789

dispensability    0.742822

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sprayability

Article Example
Stain-blocking primer Recently, many states decreased the VOC limit from 450 g/L to 350 g/L limit for the specialty primers, sealers and undercoats category. As state regulatory agencies continue to introduce stricter legislation concerning VOCs, this will pose an even tougher challenge to manufacturers of solvent-based stain-blocking primers. In order to decrease the VOC of a coating, it is necessary to remove solvent from the formulation. This has the effect of increasing relative solids content (both pigment + binder) in the formulation, which has a negative effect on viscosity. Increasing resin content primarily increases high-shear viscosity and that is important for sprayability. Increasing pigment content primarily affects low and medium shear viscosities, which are important for flow, leveling, and sag resistance. When formulating a low odor, low VOC primer, if the plan is to increase the binder, then resins with lower viscosity profiles and solubility in low-odor, isoparaffinic solvents are needed.