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Alas, I Cannot Swim The album was first released on 4 February 2008 in a "songbox" format, which comprised the CD album, a redeemable code for free concert tickets, and a "memento" for every song on the album.
Ellis Island Sound Apart from some low-key appearances on beneath-the-radar compilations, EIS fell largely silent while Astor and Sheppard attended to their other projects. Astor released his "Songbox" solo album on Second Language in 2010 while Sheppard released an album, under the name Snow Palms, in conjunction with producer Chris Leary, in 2012.
The Genuine Fakes The band has songs featured on a few compilations. On "Beautiful Escape: The songs of The Posies Revisited" they contributed their own version of The Posies' song "Somehow Everything", and on "Songbox Fan Crusade Vol. 1" two originals - "I Don't Want It" and "The Promise" are featured. Most recently their rendition of "All I Want for Christmas" was included on "This Christmas Time" - a compilation put out in Japan by Thistime Records/Powerpop Academy Distribution.
Peter Astor The label also re-issued The Loft's "Once More Round the Fair", a collection of their Creation recordings and session tracks. As well as reforming The Loft at this time for a limited number of shows, Astor continued to write, perform and release records with Ellis Island Sound on the Peace Frog label. The solo album, "Songbox" was released on the Second Language label in 2011, featuring an extra disc of cover versions of the albums' songs by Let's Wrestle, The Raincoats, Darren Hayman, Comet Gain, The Proper Ornaments, Mathew Sawyer, Dollboy and Piano Magic.