Top 10 similar words or synonyms for soksi

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for soksi

Article Example
The Olympic Conspiracy Lady Alcmena Soksi and Theron's mother who whipped Soki for shedding his skin. She is in danger when Soki comes.
The Olympic Conspiracy Priestess Nike like Soksi is a demon-child but can turn into an eagle. She has connections to humans and gets weak if her chosen favorites don't win.
The Olympic Conspiracy Theron Soksi's brother who can't compete in the boys' games because of a javelin accident. He helps Soksi to turn back into his real form.
The Olympic Conspiracy Pericles - an opponent in the Games. Also a friend. Doesn't believe Soksi-Theon's story about Soki being a snake-demon and does until the real Theon shows up. Thinks everything that happens is Rasim's fault.
The Olympic Conspiracy When the Warrior is defeated, fears arise that Soksi will go to the same fate as Sosipolis and be unable to change back from a snake. However, when Theron admits to everyone how much he loves his little brother (when Sosi's own mother cannot bring herself to) Sosi transforms back into his human self.
Golkar In 1959, President Sukarno introduced his concept of Guided Democracy, in which so-called functional groups would play a role in government in place of political parties. The Indonesian National Armed Forces supported its creation because it believed these groups would balance the growing strength of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI). In 1960, Sukarno awarded sectoral groups such as teachers, the Armed Forces and the Indonesian National Police, workers and artists seats in the Mutual Cooperation - People's Representative Council. As some of the members of these functional groups were linked to political parties, this gave political influence to the National Armed Forces. The TNI then established an anti-PKI trade union, the Central Organization of Indonesian Workers, or Soksi ("Sentral Organisasi Karyawan Swadiri Indonesia"), and used this as the core of an Armed Forces-led Joint Secretariat of Functional Groups, or Sekber Golkar, which was officially established on October 20, 1964. By 1968 there were almost 250 organizations under the Sekber umbrella. On November 22, 1969 they were organized into seven main organizations, or Kino ("Kelompok Induk Organisasi"), namely Soksi, Kosgoro (Union of Mutual Cooperation Multifunction Organizations), MKGR (Mutual Assistance Families Association), Gerakan Karya Rakyat (People's Working Movement), Ormas Hankam (Defense and Security Mass Organizations), Professi (professional organizations), and Gerakan Pembangunan (Development Movement). The Joint Secretariat was one of those organizations that condemned the 30 September Movement in 1965.
Central All-Indonesian Workers Organization Eventually, the nationalizations resulted in increased antagonism between SOBSI and the army. In many instances Dutch-owned properties had been seized by SOBSI unions, but were later taken over by the military. Many high-ranking officers were included in the management boards of nationalized companies, and were hostile to the SOBSI influence in the state enterprises. Most of the rivals of SOBSI in the labour movement aligned with the army in challenging SOBSI dominance. Moreover, an army-backed trade union centre, SOKSI, was formed in 1961, a move SOBSI vehemtly protested against.