Top 10 similar words or synonyms for soffitto

facciata    0.767255

mausoleo    0.756541

affresco    0.756336

chiostro    0.748805

gregoriano    0.744228

statua    0.740662

redentore    0.739933

sagrestia    0.735444

crocifissione    0.731001

monumentale    0.729570

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for soffitto

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Jacopo Sarno In 1996 reads short film "Il soffitto" (The Ceiling), directed by Barbara Nava, and this interpretation was considered "Best Actor" "Film Festival Messina." He debuted in 2006 as a television host for the music program Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards "Destination Kids" by Nickelodeon. The following year he starred on the show for children of Jaky "Quelli dell'intervallo", while in 2010 he obtained a main role in the film by Massimo Boldi "A Natale mi sposo".
Madama Butterfly 2. "E soffitto e pareti" ("And ceiling and walls"). Pinkerton, a U.S. Naval Officer on USS "Abraham Lincoln", and Goro, a Japanese marriage broker, are inspecting a small house which sits on a hill and overlooks the bay. Goro has found the house for Pinkerton and his bride, and is showing him the house, with its sliding doors and small garden. The butler, the cook and the bride's maid, Suzuki, enter the garden and are introduced to Pinkerton. After they leave, Goro tells Pinkerton that everything is now ready and that his intended bride, a girl of 15 called Cio-Cio San (nicknamed Butterfly), will arrive soon, as will the American Consul, the marriage Registrar and all the bride's relatives, except her uncle. Her uncle is a priest and refuses to attend the wedding ceremony. Sharpless, the American Consul, has climbed up the hill from the city. He enters the garden, greets Pinkerton and Goro, and admires the view that overlooks Nagasaki's harbor and the sea. Pinkerton tells Sharpless that he has just purchased the little house for 999 years, with the right every month to cancel the agreement. Pinkerton explains that, in Japan, the law is very loose.
Nationality Rooms The Italian Classroom reflects the serenity of a 15th-century Tuscan monastery, with its traditional devotion to religion, art, music, and education. The rear choir stall bench and shuttered windows introduce the monastic theme. The blackboard doors recall an "armadio", a cabinet behind an altar used to hold priestly vestments. The turquoise "soffitto a cassettoni" (coffered ceiling), embellished with carved, gold-leafed rosettes, was inspired by one originally in the San Domenico Convent at Pesaro. In the architrave, names of famous Italians are inlaid in olive wood. The lettering resembles that used in the inscription on the Arch of Titus in Rome. Bay benches are cushioned in red velvet. The red tile floor is set in a herring-bone pattern similar to that of Florence's Palazzo Vecchio. An original Florentine fireplace, made of sandstone from the quarries of Fiesole, bears the carved Latin inscription, "O Lord, do not forsake me." On either side stand Savonarola chairs. Monastery bench designs, adapted for student use, are carved with names and founding dates of Italian universities. The oldest is the University of Bologna, established in 1088. From the front of the room, a bronze bust of Dante Alighieri faces Giovanni Romagnoli's mural of Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia, the first woman in the world to achieve a university degree when she was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1678 by the University of Padua.