Top 10 similar words or synonyms for socialised

socializes    0.675207

fraternized    0.647077

cohabited    0.633932

flirted    0.627684

consorted    0.620778

sympathised    0.617335

socialise    0.607336

partied    0.603585

intermarried    0.602621

dined    0.592204

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for socialised

Article Example
Serbian Tricolour Hound Combativeness: Can be good if sufficiently socialised
Serbian Hound Combativeness: Can be good if sufficiently socialised with other dogs
Berndorf, Lower Austria Because of financial problems of the socialised industries in the 1980s, the Berndorf consortium was spun off and passed into private hands.
Enterprise carbon accounting Socialised supply chain accounting is the term generally applied to Enterprise Carbon Accounting Solutions that provide a collaborative mechanism for supply chain participants to engage, expose and determine supply chain emissions through the process of shared knowledge. The term "Socialised Supply Chain" was coined by the CEO of Nootrol, Mark Kearns to describe a platform where supply chain participants exposed Process LCA and embedded emissions.
Denmark Street Musicians often socialised around the Gioconda café at No. 9. David Bowie recruited his first backing band, The Lower Third, in the bar, while the Small Faces formed after the original members socialised around the Gioconda. Other regular patrons included David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix. In April 2014, a number of music industry figures, including disc jockey Mike Read, unveiled a blue plaque above the premises that included a QR Code to access a multimedia presentation about the history of music.
Sally Salisbury Sally Salisbury (c.1692 – 1724), real name Sarah Pridden and also known as Sarah Priddon, was a celebrated prostitute in early 18th-century London. She was the lover of many notable members of society, and socialised with many others.
Irish Terrier Irish Terriers are often dominant with other dogs. As with any dog, poorly socialised individuals can start fights and early socialisation is a necessity. Most have strong guarding instincts and when these instincts are controlled, make excellent alarming watchdogs.
George Henry Boughton Boughton easily socialised in London artistic circles and was a member of the Arts Club (1869–96), of the Reform Club, the Athenaeum Club, the Burlington Fine Arts Club and the Grolier and Lotos Clubs in New York.
Datchet In 1931, the Pavilion club was built on Datchet riverside. Dame Vera Lynn sang here and the 'London Set' socialised here. Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson had secret meetings here.
Charles Haughey Haughey came to epitomise the new style of politician – the "men in the mohair suits". He regularly socialised with other younger Cabinet colleagues such as Donogh O'Malley and Brian Lenihan.